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  1. Muscless756

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    Is this real or fake

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  2. Dthcore

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    You have to take/test it to find out.
    It’s Corny as fuck I’ll tell you that much!
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  3. Nela

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    Why buy something if you havnt done your home work on! Hurry take it be out test puppet lol
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  4. tauras66

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    They are sold on a few online source websites....supposedly been around since 1999....??????? No mention at all if lab testing was ever done by any of those sources....
  5. Boss hog

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    If OP was really worried he would send it off for testing, especially the nolvadex.
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  6. Toni72

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    I use hardcorlabs, mtdmn = the most powerful steroid, and other steroids, these sold in Holland Europe
    Good product in general, test for yourself.
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  7. TNotch347

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    The tren has a nice golden hue to it... but so does my piss if I drink a monster.. hmm
    Just messing around.. ;)
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  8. How in gods name is anyone suppose to know if it’s real or fake through a few pictures. Send a sample to Janko or throw it in the garbage.
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  9. Tiredandhot

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    Dang Toni, which lab haven't you used? Bet you've secretly used Bestgear too, admit it.
  10. Tmisatix

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    Is that the dimethylnandrolone? Always wanted to try that and noticed this is like the only lab that carries it. Seems like a potent compound

    What interest me about dimethylnandrolone is that it's a nandrolone, but it's extremely dry apparently and has DHT like effects however, I wonder if you'd be bypassing some of the androgenic sides of DHT since it's still nandrolone
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  11. Tmisatix

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  12. Toni72

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    Mtdmn is dimethylnandrolone + methyltrionolone, use maximun 3 weeks, 1ml maxi day, very hard for the liver, take the best protection for flavored and prolactin. You can take it to finish a cycle, or for a fight, or for a test, very dry, lots of streaks, determination, strength. Much stronger than tren A
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  13. MuscleFreak

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    is hardcore labs from Holland?
  14. Toni72

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    Yess bro
  15. JPal carried this a while back.
    It definitely peeked my interest.
    It seemed as if a hefty dose of AI was needed with it; something comparable to using Trestalone.
    Would you say that's true?
    Good advice on the liver supps because it sounds downright toxic as fuck.
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  16. Tmisatix

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    Apparently Dimethylnandrolone is the strongest AAS ever created on an anabolic/androgenic ratio scale but you know how that plays out in real world application

    DMN will be dry though vs trest which is wet
  17. Tmisatix

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    Wish we could get more ugl's carrying DMN
  18. Grozny

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    Imo one of the best UG labs in Europe, no doubts on this.
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