Has anyone actually tested HCG with a pregnancy test and got a sure positive result?

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    I ordered some hcg for the first time. Not seeing any effect from 2 / week 500 iu intramuscular injections so I decided to test it using a CVS early pregnancy test. The HCG is HUCOG brand. I mixed 5000 iu HCG powder with the 1 ml solution that came with it plus 4 ml bacteriostatic water. So the strength should be 500 iu per ml. I put one ml (cc) of this solution on the test strip and saw the liquid "wick" up to and past the test windows. The result is a faint "+" in the first window with the vertical line about half as dark as the horizontal line. It appears to be what I've heard described as an "evaporation line".

    From what I gather most pregnancy tests look for 25 to 50 iu of HCG. Does the fact that the pregnancy test didn't clearly indicate positive mean that the HCG I have is no good? I would try a different test with more solution but I hate to waste the HCG. Then again I don't want to sticking a pin in my ass twice a week for nothing.

    I have read in threads to use a pregnancy test to determine if the HCG is good, or to determine is HGH is really HCG. This sounds like common sense. I also read reports of negative results. But has anybody actually done this test and gotten what would be without a doubt a positive result for HCG? What are the chances that the HCG I have is weak and ineffective? The expiration date is 11/2013.
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    Re: Has anyone actually tested hcg with a pregnancy test and got a sure positive resu

    If you reconsituted with sodium chloride, which comes with Hucog hCG, doesn't it need to be injected immediately?