Has anyone ran into this?

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    New shipping , and printing out your own shipping labels?
    I have used these guys before and they got good shit but this seems odd.

    Dear customers,

    Starting October 1 USPS implemented a new rule on stamped packages.

    What does it mean? :
    It means that stamped packages weighing 10 oz + and over 1/2 inch in thickness can't be dropped at mail collections boxes. If USPS employee finds stamped mail which doesn't meet the weight/thickness criteria, this mail may be shipped back to sender. This rules may or may not be significantly enforced, as of today USPS didn't take actions against stamped packs, but, there's no guarantee they won't do it tmrw.

    What we gonna do about it :
    You choose how your packages is gonna be shipped

    Option #1. You create pre-paid shipping label yourself, using one of the sites below, the instruction will be provided on how to get this done, it literally takes a few min for create shipping label online. You get fast/reliable/safe shipping on your valuable purchase.
    Option #2. We ship your package using stamps. We can't guarantee USPS will deliver it, it may be returned to sender aka lost. IF the stamped pack gets returned, we won't re-ship it.

    We also will reward you for creating shipping label with discounts/bonus gear.

    After you submitted your order, let us know if you are willing to create the shipping label or not, we'll adjust your total $$ accordingly.

    You will need to create shipping label and send it to us as an attachment, the instructions on how to get this done will be provided. Every shipping label is gonna be unique and non associated with any other order.
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    So whats your question???
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    I mean, it's a direct link to the recipient...
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    What this has to do With hgh subforum? SMH
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    It's kind of what I'm getting at you can't claim it's not yours if you fill out the shipping label and pay for it.
    And it's where I get my gh from so it kind of does fit here unless there is a hgh postal delivery sub forum I don't know about.
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    Underground would actually be a better place for it. Question is regarding buying/shipping.