Hating USPS at the moment.

Discussion in 'Steroid Underground' started by ChillBill, Mar 17, 2014.

  1. ChillBill

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    I have a gift stuck and tracking won't update for 12 days now. Whats the time limit to wait before you guys start to freak?
  2. tubesox

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    go to the post office
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    Sounds unsafe, and it says its stuck 100 miles away :(
    Thanks for the fast reply tho tube.
    most times if they did try to deliver and no one was home they will leave a note on your door or in the box saying its on hold at the post office.
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    BRO, relax. It happens. There's bad weather all over the country. If the parcel is lost, tracking will update and tell you it's lost.

    You should never ever ever ever ever ever ever


    post that you're expecting a package in the mail. This thread should deleted immediately

    when you post T/A information, you put yourself and your provider in jeopardy
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    considering the nature of your gift i would be very careful looking into it, sometimes its better to cut your losses. things can get much worse than losing your gear bro. I know its fucked up to lose your money and i have before also. It's just how you have to play your hand sometimes.
    Domestic sources can busted just like international and probably easier. all the fed has to do is make an order and follow the tracking. the longer it takes for a domestic order to make it to your mail box the higher the chance is that there is a serious problem some where along the line. Don't go to the post office looking for it.
    if your source is legit and not locked up by now, he will probably work with you.
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    BIG PAUL!!!!! How are man? I haven't seen you on for a bit good to see you back!!
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    Never go inquiring about that shit..lmao...... Sit idle till it comes to you or you know it aint coming.... And then Never use that addy again
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    hey bro things are good.I'm still kicking:) I live in a remote area with no internet available but any chance i get to post on meso i take it. good to see some of the guys who have been members for awhile. I don't see many of the old vets around? good to see you brother.
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  10. I wouldn't freak out.I would recommend not even signing for the package IF it does come if your paranoid.
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    just chill. My last package didn't update until the post man was knocking on my door. lol. I was pretty happy to see him.
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    Lol I had that with some Icariin took forever didnt update status was at same location at least 10 days prob more. Fuckers.
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  14. biggerben69

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    Ok...stuck. It's a domestic pack. It's not stuck at customs, It's showing it's at a post office. It's Priority mail.
    OK, I had a Priority pkg that took a total of 17 or 18days a couple of months ago. One thing to keep in mind is this is the USPS and not fed ex or ups. Fed ex and ups handle things logically. The USPS charges the same amount for a pkg sent across the street as it does one sent across the country.
    If a pack is sent to the wrong zip and ends up across the country, once the mistake is discovered the pack is not taken out of the stupid pattern it was discovered in and set straight as you would thing it would be.
    No, it traces the wrong path it took in reverse and then starts the trip this time hopefully it heads in the right direction. With Priority mail you can't start to file a claim until 5 business days have passed. 12 days is a long time but nor unheard of.
    What does your source say? It shows it hasn;t been delivered and doesn;t say "undeliverable" then the pack is on him and at some point he should resend your order. There isn't any reason why he should refuse to send to the same addy either.
    Now, if the pack at some point shows "delivered" at some point and you say u didn't get it that sucks but it;s pretty much understood that is good enough and take the responsibility off of him.
    You both should check to see if either one of you make a mistake as far as the addy goes. Folks forget to put an apt # when sending shipping info to a source. expecially if its a new addy.
    You must use a real addy and the name must be a name that is associated with the addy, Not John Wayne. because you're afraid. You have to be willing to accept some amount of responsibility. You must. Fear makes otherwise logical people fucking retarded.
    If you realize you fucked up, please don't lie and try and run this guys name through the mud. It's not right. Also, if you admit fault, you'll be surprised how often a source will help you out. Remember if he's the chef, $200 worth of gear is probanly a $20 bill and he's do really well with the amount of positive press you're likely to give him for taking care of you, He's have you for life.
    Also, many sources will take a pic of the label so that if there is a ? he's got the goods.
    ALso, if you guys are sending CIM please take a pic of the label with the addy you put to send your money to. You can send it to your guy if it doesn;t show, It couls be your cash is stolen by someone collecting for him. He will send your gear most likely.
    Also, when sending CIM use your real name and real return addy so if something goes wrong like the addy to ship to is smudged your return addy will ensure your cash comes home. Maybe you mess up addressing the label. Maybe the source screws up the addy he gives you and it is "undeliverable" according to the website, It will go to you if the return addy is yours.
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    Thanks big, Great info.
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  16. Id be freaking out anything past 14 days. Better clean house..
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    I don't know if this helps, but for some reason USPS is having a System wide "Brain Fart" currently.
    I know of quite a few guys on another Board who are having similar problems with Domestic packages.....................................JP
    One guy, his pack shipped on the 3rd Domestically, and still hasn't arrived.
    They must be using "Turtle Express", not "Priority Mail".
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    Yeah this helps. Thanks man.
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    I had a pack deliver 1000miles away from where it was supposed to go. Talking about pissed. It had 2k worth of product in it. I know it was labeled correctly because I did it myself. I had to eat the cost and resend. Not long ago a customer gave me the wrong zip code. I watched the pack bounce around back and forth to the same state for 3 weeks. Finally someone finally figured it out and got the pack to the guy. By then I had already reshipped. They are truly retarded and I believe in the past 6months they have got worse. I see stupid shit like a pack going 300 miles in wrong direction to go 30 miles down the road all the time.
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    Thanks for the post Fina. I feel confident I will get it if I just Chill.