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  1. Cornfed-cracker

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    I have btc on cash app how do I send out and are they available to send straight from my cash app or do I need a wallet and any help much appreciated
  2. T-Bagger

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    You are going to need another wallet, in particular one that doesn’t require identification, (Blockchain is good) so that it’s anonymous. On the CashApp you need to be setup and verified to transfer the BTC. Have you gone through that process? I’ve been using that stupid app for a few years now and have a bank account linked and they denied me access to transfer BTC.
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  4. Cornfed-cracker

    Cornfed-cracker Junior Member

    Yes got verified so now able to send it to the wallet does bolockchain make you wait to send after I send the btc there and thank you for the help
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  5. It didn’t for me. But I’ve had mine for awhile and one thing I know about these bitcoin sites is they change things periodically.
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  6. Cornfed-cracker

    Cornfed-cracker Junior Member

    On block chain it says it's ready to send so now I'm just waiting
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