Having issues getting my IGF-1 up taking...

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    ...a combinations of 2:1 Sermorelin and Ipamorelin (1000mcg Sermorelin + 500mcg Ipamorelin) and was thinking of adding 1000mcg CJC 1295 Monday Thursday.
    I started with a igf-1 of 99 and 3 months in I have been able to raise my IGF-1 but after 8 months I seem to have stalled. I was thinking of adding CJC1295. Anyone doing peptides to increase your natural GH? I would love you hear your ideas and suggestions.
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    Stop taking them, and purchase quality GH. peptides are junk. Neither one of those do squat. TRT clinics push them because they can't legally prescribe GH. Peptide companies push them because they are making $ off people that think they are getting a quality alternative to actual GH.

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    NO thanks. injected GH shutsdown your natural GH production. I don't want to take any chances of it not starting back. Besides no one has ever gotten “HGH Gut” or “Insulin Gut” from boosting their natural GH. I'm happy with the peptides that boost my natural production. Just looking for anyone experienced with CJC1295.
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    I don’t have any experience with CJC but have you ever considered trying MK677. Legit MK will also raise your IGF levels. Their are a few good threads on it in this forum, definitely worth reading up on it. Just a thaught man.
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    So your solution is to take a questionable product that doesn't actually seem to be "boosting" anything.

    Best of luck.
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    What!?! Did you even read my first post? I have been successful boosting my igf-1 from 99 to 140 using the max recommended dose of the two peptides I am currently taking. I'm looking to go one step further and target an IGF-1 of 200. CJC 1295 is advertized as an IGF-1 booster.
    If you don't have anything constructive to say or have experience with the peptide I am researching stay the fuck out of my thread.
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    This is the absolute wrong attitude to have. We are trying to help you, but you're not open to anything other than your opinion.

    Note: If you think hgh will permanently shut down natural production and you'll get a gh gut, you got a lot to learn.
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    I’ll see your 200 and raise you 307. :D

    2.5iu real gH. 1 pin a day. I tried peptides. You spend a lot of money and too much pinning for 41 point increase
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    99 to 140.... Lol, how do you know it wasn't a natural spike? IGF values fluctuate heavily, you have no way to know if that was even the peptide giving you the minor boost.

    You're not going to get a GH gut from taking 2 or 3iu of GH... Which would easily get you to your obscure 200igf goal for a whole lot less money than you're spending on these peptides. Don't spread misinformation about something you know nothing about... You think peptides giving you a 200igf are going to magically prevent a GH gut but you'll somehow be at risk with 2iu of GH? Why?

    Lastly, I don't give a shit if you think this is your thread and you don't like what I'm telling you. Threads on a forum aren't proprietary.
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    From what i've seen and heard form various people and friends. CJC1295 DAC works very well especially with MK
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    I would drop the attitude and find out why you have low IGF-1 in the first place.
    Could be for either:
    - insufficient GH production
    - inefficient GH --> IGF-1 conversion in the liver

    I would tend to think it's number 2 and investigate ways to clean your liver

    PS: funny that your moto would be "keep as cool as you can", because that's the last thing that you did
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    My attitude is fine. I am 67 years old that is why my IGF-1 and GH is in the tank. I am only looking for one think in this thread. Advice on CJC1295. You kids need to stop playing doctor I am not interested. You either have info on CJC1295 or you don't.
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    At 67 you're worried about GH gut?

    Seems to me you ought to be more worried about missing your evening dose of, "Im so old Im gonna goddamn die," pills.

    If you're not looking for advice or input from forum members, hit up Google. Narrow search parameters will provide the narrow scope of information you're looking for.

    It'll get you farther than acting like a whiny entitled cunt here.
  14. Lol well said.
    This guy is pretty much saying the following.

    "I have an infection... but I only want to use natural essential oils to cure it"

    Antibiotics work better buddy.

    If you already have the answer that you want to hear... why are you asking the questions?

    Google search and stop telling these guys to fuck off.
    These dudes spend their free time trying to help people... your response is "fuck off"
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    67 years...that’s a lot of time spent NOT working on your temper.

    Why don’t you do what most of us have the balls to do here: experiment on yourself.
    Buy that CJC already and pin it.
    Don’t like it? Switch to Mk677
    Don’t like it? Switch to HGH
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  16. 870DD277-A5BE-4C05-A383-F18A069DA339.png
    I’ve got a natural 237. How you like me now.
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    Nice. I don't have a baseline number, unfortunately.... But I did pull this on what might be completely fake gH
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    Who the source of your hgh? How long were you on?
  19. JP1979

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    This was from the whatsapp clown crew, this was 6 weeks on @ 3-5iu

    Previous was EUtropin 507 on 2.5

    Running 2.5 of Lily Humatrope and will pull in 5 weeks.
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