Having this at your disposal how would cycle

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  1. gear shef

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    I have the following brewed up for myself. Curious to see how others would utilize it over time if they had this at there disposal.

    I’m on doctor prescribed HRT. So pretend that was a factor in how you would run it. Pharmaceutical test is unlimited so use that as a cycle variable if you want as well.

    130ml NPP 125mg/ml
    60ml tren E 250mg/ml
    170 caps of Dbol 30mg/cap
    200 caps of Winny 50mg/cap

    Looking for ideas
  2. deepsouthiron

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    You'll need to supply more info to get meaningful answers. One of which is how often are you tested for your hrt. That more than anything will factor into how long you'll be able to use additional compounds as clearing time must be considered.....
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  3. Evom1

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    Stats and goals are needed

    Personally I'd run the test and npp, sell the rest to get a bunch of gh and Humalog :p
  4. gear shef

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    Bf..idk. 13-14% visible abs

    Goals for the compounds...build muscle lol. May compete next July but unlikely. So yea, I want to get up to 225 at the same or better body fat. Biggest was 217 hard. Wanna beat it

    Cycle history...extensive. I’ve never touched slin tho. GH yes. Not for a couple years tho

    Been on HRT For 5 years. Bloods every 6mo. Protocol is 200mg cyp every 4 days but I usually only do 200 per week. So I have a bunch of pharma test saved up over the years. Plus I always get my script early. adex 1mg MWF
  5. gear shef

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    My buddy has a fuck ton of humalog. He would give me 1000iu Free if I asked. Literally a mini fridge loaded. But I’m not interested. Although tempted
  6. gear shef

    gear shef Member

    Clearing time in regards to?..my doc knows I use aas I’m fully transparent.

    I’m really just curious how others would utilize it is all fellas
  7. jm416

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    A nice blast starting with test npp and finishing with test tren winstrol would be the shit. I hate dbol lol
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  8. deepsouthiron

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    Your HRT doc knows you use compounds other than 200 cyp every 4 days as prescribed?? He knows you use tren, NPP and have extensive cycle history??

  9. gear shef

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    Yea Bro he cycles too. He’s a FNP not a TRT Clinic. His clinic is a health / wellness / weight loss clinic.

    Why. We should be transparent with our health care provider. With the exception of TRT clinics.
  10. anfee

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    Didn’t you just have gyno removed? I don’t see any AI included in your cycle....

    If I had just had surgery, I would be very weary of running high levels of compounds or compounds where you aren’t sure how your body would react. I would run 10mg of nolva ED and keep my doses low.

    But that’s just me.
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  11. gear shef

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    HRT always has me at 1mg adex MWF.

    Again. Just wondering how YOU guys would run it
  12. Sk8man101

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    Test/npp/dbol-kicker for the winter
    Test/tren/winny-ender for the spring

    Just to answer your question op haha
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  13. gear shef

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    lol thanks bro. Thats what Im planning to do. I was just curious to see the diversity in how guys would use it over time.

    Part of me wants to do something crazy tho. Like:


    NPP 875mg/week
    Dbol 60mg/day
    Test 200-400mg/week


    Tren E 750mg/week
    Winny 100mg/Day
    Test 200mg/week
  14. gear shef

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    Here is some gear porn I brewed everything aside from the pharma test c

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    HIGHRISK Member

    No way your DR prescribed taking 3mg of adex a week did he? Especially on 200 cyp a week lol
  16. gear shef

    gear shef Member

    The prescription is 200mg E4D. With Adex 1mg MWF.

    Typically I do 200mg per week with Adex on Mon and Thur.

    My estrogen stays in low-mid range with both of these protocols.
  17. gear shef

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    if its that hard to believe I can show proof. lol, why lie about my adex script. IDK why guys are always so skeptical of information provided by the OP on the forums

    HIGHRISK Member

    Wow that's insane bro. 3mg of adex a week on 200mg cyp. Not doubting you just never heard that before. But hey if it works then it works.
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    HIGHRISK Member

    No need to prove shit to me. I was just stating my opinion that's all. Take a poll and see how many people have taken that much adex with that little test. I mean your test levels are in natural range at 200 a week. There should be absolutely no need for that much adex a week that's all I'm. Saying.
    I wasn't saying your lying. More of your dr might not know what there doing.
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  20. gear shef

    gear shef Member

    I got you bro. but again the prescription is actually 350mg Test C per week (200mg every 4 days). With the adex at 1mg MWF. However I only take 200mg test and adex on Mon/Thur, unless I do a blast.