Having trouble gettin in calories

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  1. luupe2014

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    been havin trouble eating lately especially clean cause u gotta eat so much of it ...Any of you guys got any tips/tricks/easy ways to get in 4k cals a day? i seen online the gomad diet(gallon of milk a day with 3 big proper meals) i have been thinking about trying it.

    Must add:
    everythings good health wise(no stomach problems, uclers, etc)....

    last few days also i smoked weed alot for first time n awhile n i think thats been killin my appetite n makin me fall asleep n miss meals etc so thats part of it , i think im done with that lol. :)

  2. Perrin Aybara

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    I eat a serving of peanuts with every meal and put olive oil in my shakes. Can easily pack in some extra calories with just those two things.
  3. luupe2014

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    thanks bro ima start doin that.
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  4. Morefyah

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    A PB and honey sandwich is like 500 cals, 18g of protein, try eating three a day.
    Also a cup of Greek yogurt 1/4 cup hemp seeds is like 400 cals 35g protein.
    These are just snacks for me.
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  5. Eman

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    Unless you tolerate dairy extremely well, I don't suggest the GOMAD diet. Even if you do tolerate dairy extremely well, a gallon of milk every day is going to probably catch up with you.

    I've become a fan of the methods in the vertical diet... Check that out and see if anything speaks to you.

    In the meantime, increase red meat intake.

    Add grass fed butter in place of cooking spray.

    "Clean" carbs can be helpful because you'll be ready for the next meal a lot easier. White rice, again with butter, is pretty easy to put down throughout the day.
  6. Dr JIM

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    Many don’t realize eating 4K
    a day WILL lead to lipogenesis regardless of how clean the diet is
    bc the body can only assimilate LBM so fast.

    Sure eating a well balanced diet helps but eating 5-6 MEALS A DAY is a must if lipogenesis is to be avoided.

    However nothing will change the FACT, whether it’s PEDs or the diet, B.B. is a marathon not a sprint and any Pro will tell you that.

  7. Eman

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    I disagree, unless I misunderstood your statement. With an active career plus high intensity training, 4k calories a day may equate to a mild caloric surplus.
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  8. 1/2 gallon of milk everyday gave me acne everywhere. Mainly my forearms which was weird
  9. wedorecover

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    Cup of milk
    grapeseed oil
    2 raw eggs
    Scoop of protein
  10. Dr JIM

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    And VERY few novices, if any, on this forum have any idea what’s required to burn 4K , esp on a daily basis.

    The point is simple most noobs expect AAS to become their substitute for exercise and many end up consuming far to many Kcal based upon their energy expenditure.

    Take a closer look at the OPs Avatar, for a inside view of what see on a weekly basis.

    Kids who want to get BIG fast, and that’s the overwhelming majority on this forum, regardless of how they parse the words.

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