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    My aplogies if this has already been asked but I couldn't locate anything about it.

    I am researching and planning my fall cycle. My wife's only complaint about the first cycle was the testicular atrophy. I have decided I want to use hcg throughout the cycle to keep her happy. I should feel lucky that is her only complaint.

    My concern is that the consensus is the HCG will last 30 days in the fridge once mixed. If I were to run 500 iu per week this puts me at amost 75 days. Am I missing something?

    If it matters my next cycle plan is Test 600 mg /week for 12 weeks, tren ace 100 mg/EOD for 10 weeks, and D-bol 50 mg/day for 5 weeks.
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    If each amp last 30 days, (which it does) then youl'll need 3 amps.
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    Forgive my senior moment. If I take 500 iu per week, my 5000 iu amp will take me 10 weeks to use it all. Even if I were to take 1000 iu per week (which I believe is too high) it would take 5 weeks to use up the amp. I can figure out how much I need to buy, but it seems at the recommended dosage of 500 iu per week it will go bad before I am done with it. Are you saying to throw it out after 30 days and mix up a new amp?
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    I just went through a 5000 iu amp. 500 iu every Sunday morning and Wednesday night. I picked up a bunch of $1.00 pregnancy tests at the "dollar store". They only take 4 drops to measure and the hcg was still "good" at five weeks. To be sure I even diluted a small amount down to what would be 125 iu / ml, and it still tested good. The average pregnancy tests measures a level of 60 to 100 iu per ml, although some early pregnancy tests measure as low as 20 iu per ml.

    1000 iu a week really isn't much, especially for just a few weeks. The package insert says to take 1000 iu 3 x a week. Some doctors prescribe far in excess of this.

    BTW with Test, DBOL and HCG you should probably use anastrozole to prevent bloating, gynocomastia and other estrogen related sides.

    p.s. and mix it only with bacteriostatic water and don't use the 1 ml sodium chloride dilution that usually comes with it.
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    Thanks xray
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    if you use it during a cycle..take it eod or 3 days sub q........