HCG Again... Shelf-Life After Mixing

Discussion in 'Men's Health Forum' started by MrDurden, Nov 7, 2005.

  1. MrDurden

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    Wondering if anyone has any information related to the shelf-life of hcg after it's been mixed. I'm assuming it slowly becomes less and less effective, but how long can you continue to use and recieve benefits from it?
  2. lepiricus

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    I have read a bunch on this topic in various different forums.

    The popular opinion is that it is most effective for 4 weeks refrigerated, but many accounts say it can be used up to 6 weeks and still have effect even if diminished.

    I would imagine brand and personal bio-chemistry responsiveness would vary of course.
  3. Weatherlite

    Weatherlite Junior Member

    Most inserts say 30 days now. I erroneously used mine for 60 days when it should have been 30. I did notice towards the end a slight reduction in testicle size and some mood "swings". So, IMO, it still works but not as well.
  4. earthdog

    earthdog Junior Member

    WL, which one are you using these days? Mine is APP and still says 60 days.
  5. DavidZ

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    I've always used mine for 8 or 9 weeks, and even as long as 10 or 12 weeks. I'm on an hcg only protocol for over 5 years and have regular blood tests. So, if there was a decrease in potency I would know it.

    I read on one of the threads here that some of the newer product comes with different type or brand of bacteriostatic water and the label says 30 days because of an issue with the water. Perhaps whoever said that could give us more insight.

    Right now, I'm using APP, although I've previously used Novarel, Profasi and probably a few others. AFAIK, they were all the same stuff.
  6. pmgamer18

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    Novarel was made by APP now APP makes there own and is good for 60 days I got it sent to me from MedcoHealth and was told they sent me the APP because it is the generic to Novarel can't say this is true but I used the APP and my levels went down bad it does not work for me. The people that make Novarel now use a different water and say it is only good for 30 days.
  7. mranak

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    I'm using APP as well. If you are using hcg for sole TRT, then that is a good sign. pmgamer18, as he said above, didn't have no much luck with the APP brand, although the Novarel made by APP worked well for him, so heck if I know.

    I pay much less for the APP brand than I would for Profasi and I'm a cheap bastard.

    I've used mine for 10+ weeks even though the package insert says only to use it for 60 days.

    Bac water=bac water=bac water. Novarel, on their new package insert, claims '30 days' I think. Somebody called them and they said that they hadn't tested it for more than 30 days. It favors them if it expires after only 30 days, of course.

    To others reading this, if your hCG and water come in amps, and the water is sterile water for injection rather than bacteriostatic water, then your stuff doesn't have BA and technically isn't meant to be stored in the refrigerator and used multiple times. That said, people have done it.
  8. benrock

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    i have app and organon brand pengly ( spelling ) which is better
  9. Weatherlite

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    I'm using NOvarel made by Steris (think that's how ya spell it)
  10. MrDurden

    MrDurden Junior Member

    Can anyone else weigh in on the shelf-life, or their typical usage times. Please don't hijack the thread this time.
  11. DavidZ

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    I thought we covered that above. You're asking about how long it lasts in the refrigerator after it's reconstituted, right? Is there an issue we missed? Or are you looking for additional opinions?
  12. tusoa

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    I know this is an old post but I wanted to add some information that not many people have touched upon. hcg does last 30 to 90 days if refrigerated after reconstitution. However there's also a version of HCG called recombinant HCG. The one I'm using right now comes from Hucog out of India. The difference is that in his version, the DNA is restructured to create a more stable HCG. The standard HCG comes from urine and is relatively unstable only lasting about 30 to 90 days. The type I'm using comes pre-mixed and is good for 2 years according to the label. They do suggest you keep it refrigerated however the expiration is 2 years after manufacture date. From what I've read the clinical data shows that there's no difference between the urine based HCG and the rhcg with regard to effectiveness.. The rhcg it's not as common however the particular brand I mention comes that way and I'm sure there's other manufacturers as well. Just wanted to throw this out there guys. Good luck.
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