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  1. I'd like to go on a break from hcg. Can I go off cold turkey or is there a protocol?
  2. Michael Scally MD

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    hcg is HPTA Suppressive.
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  3. Yep. That's why I want off.
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    :eek:Priceless info as usual.
    Assume you hve some hypothalmus/pituitary problems?
    More background would have been helpful.
    In general, tho, most of T is bound tightly by SBGH and a lessor amount more loosely by albumin. Danazol will replace the SHBG bound androgens and free them into the body for use. If You dont understand perhaps the good doctor might elaborate.
  5. My pituitary responded very well to clomid, but after a few years it was not responding as well as it had before. The doctor suggested that I give hcg a shot for a while, and maybe give clomid another shot later on.
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    hcg protocol? Recent labs?