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    Currently in Mexico, stopped by a Pharmacy to try and get Genotropin (HGH) they gave me their equivalent Choragan 5000. Upon getting back to my room and looking it up, it appears to be hcg and not HGH. I have 3 5000 ounce vials of this, can I take this by itself?

    I’ve read that by itself it doesn’t do much, slightly increases test levels but does a lot of suppression. Thoughts?
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    waste of time

    how much did they charge you for that ?
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    Think it was about $120 us each. Got 3 of them thinking it was GH
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    Looks like you paid the ol gringo tax lol. 5000 IU hcg for $120 is steep anywhere, ouch. Something tells me they’re not likely to do an exchange. But to your question, it can raise your natural test levels to maybe, double, for the few days it’s active in your body, off the top of my head. Assuming you were to do say 1000 IU, three times a week, again these numbers are just off the top of my head and may not be accurate. But I don’t think they would be that far off. And I don’t believe it will cause suppression at all. Tons of pharmacies down there, I think there’s runners that specialize in showing gringos the right pharmacies to go to, which again would be a roll of the dice because I’m sure pharmacies employ them as well. I would Google what HGH should cost in Mexico, and shop around like I said there’s a ton of pharmacies. Edit - maybe not quite double, maybe closer to 1.5 X, Depending of course on what your baseline levels are.
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    hcg is known to Spike estrogen levels as well, according to some, pretty significantly. So definitely take that into account as well if you end up using it. And I guess getting back to your bigger question, is it worth even using? Probably not, you’re not going to get any significant gains out of the boost in test levels that you would get from hCG alone. Sorry probably should’ve mentioned that first lol. Shit, you’re in Mexico, grab yourself some sustanon if you’re going to be down there a while, have yourself a nice cycle
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    Holy hell. You got raped on hcg price
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    Actually it all worked out. I did the conversion math wrong it was $2,400 pesos for 3 boxes which comes out to $140 dollars for all 3 not each. Anyway they let me exchange them for Humatrope so it all worked out in the end
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    So how many iu of GH did you get for $140?
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    Based upon hypogonadal patient studies HCG is only capable of increasing TT to within a physiologic range, rarely greater than 1000ng/dl.

    Yet for patients with a TT of less than 300ng/dL such a change is considerable.

    However thru a negative feedback loop, a rise in either TT and/or E-2 will result a decline of gonadotropins from the HTPA.

    Your story is typical of those visiting Mexico, or Central America in general, believing they will bring back the mother lode.

    The products and retailers are so untrustworthy many have better luck on the WWW

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    I got 4 humatrope pens 18iu each for about $163 US dollars per pen
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    That’s gonna be some good shit. Anything I’ve ever got while down in MX was fire
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    [QUOTE="Dr JIM, post: 2262201, member: 50161”]
    The products and retailers are so untrustworthy many have better luck on the WWW


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    I recon someone who lived in Central America for close to a decade is much more familiar with the PED culture than
    cruise line visitors, or a newb from Michigan.

    Buying PEDs off the street, gym, or from tourist trap “pharmaca”
    and you’re almost guaranteed to get burned.

    And the proof lies in analytical testing not the experience of other noobs.

    Finally unlike Europe and the US Mexico has NEVER been known to sell quality PEDs, and important distinction bc the former is where most web based UGL reside.
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