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Discussion in 'Men's Health Forum' started by murray312, Dec 4, 2019.

  1. murray312

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    Finally ordered pharmacy grade hcg. It's been two years without it. I'm exited to see what my nuts look like again.
  2. rugerjitsu

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    Good luck, man...hcg is pretty much snake oil when it comes to seeing what your nuts look like again. Just dont set your expectations too high...gains will be minimal at best.
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  3. murray312

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    Thanks I've ordered it from ugls a couple times and it was all fake. I'm interested to see if does anything. It's been 2 years of b+c
  4. dd340

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    This is interesting, I’ve never heard that before. Most men I’ve heard about seem to think it works quite well. Any details on your perspective?
  5. rugerjitsu

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    I've tried it a few times, both during and after cycle and I saw little to no size coming back to my sack. Plain and simple...I think there's some benefits to hcg, but bringing the nuts back to size may be an exaggerated benefit.
  6. I can tell you that my nuts went from like ~10ml each 6-7 months into trt, (plus several years of opioid use) with no hcg to ~15ml and ~12ml 1-2 after I terminated trt and then to ~25ml 3 months after. Now the first time during trt and the 1st time after trt was measured with an ultrasound I had for ball pain, the last time the dr measured with an orchidometer so that 25ml measurement might be off.

    First year of trt I didn’t use hCG, the last 8 months of it I did ~1000iu/wk and after trt I did ~3000iu/wk for awhile. It can definitely help, but if you’ve had no atrophy or if it wasn’t really noticeable you shouldn’t expect a whole lot. Also if you had atrophy it might be possible not to go back to what it was. There are several studies that show increase in testicular size on secondary hypo men, which is basically what happens when you’re on roids.
  7. Eman

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    I'm questioning whether you're getting actual hcg? The difference between being on and off it is very noticeable. You're saying that your testicles have atrophied and don't come back even after cycle with it?
  8. rugerjitsu

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    I never had it tested, but it was from a certain pharmacist around here...that said, I could feel a difference using it, however, no real significant size came back to my nuts.

    Honestly, no fucks given about my nuts...I'm 43, done having kids, and my wife still puts them in her mouth. All good here...
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    What kind of feelings?

    I used script hcg when I was on 150 mg/week of TRT and the estrogen was out of control so I killed the hcg and estrogen dropped. Using ugl hcg and zero noticeable increase in estrogen even when running 500/week test. Huge noticeable difference.
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  10. murray312

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    Ugl hcg does nothing for me. Pharm first thing I notice I get is a pissy attitude.
  11. rugerjitsu

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    While on TRT, my use of hcg would seem like a boost on hcg dose days...500iu 2x/ week