HCG HELP(Save a Bro's balls!)

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by thedudebro, Feb 18, 2020.

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    Hey bros..

    So this isnt me trolling or anything, but here what I have going on. I'm in the military and have been put on TRT for the last 3 years. Although I was VERY grateful that I was put on TRT, they never entertained the idea of me using adex or hcg. In fact, they dont even check estrogen when I get my yearly bloods drawn, despite me asking for it.. I've done 4 test only blasts since starting TRT and finally I have to do something fellas. The boys HAVE SHRUNK. I cant even spit out man-sized loads anymore lol. It sucks. I got some HCG and I cant get a for sure good answer about how to start it. Anyone know a good way to kickstart my balls again and how to keep running it with my weekly medication dose..

    I read maybe 250 IUs twice a week. Is that about right?

    Also.... I FUCKING SUCK with math and measurements... my 5000 IU HCG vials came with 2ml water AMPs. How much would I draw up in an insulin syringe to administer at that mixture ratio? (Basically my 5000 iu vial has 2ML of water in it) I just drew up to the "25" mark in the insulin syringe.. it's a basic ass U-100 insulin syringe...( was that even 250 IUs?) I know, I'm a fucking newb, but I appreciate anyone's help if you could!

    Love you all
  2. Gbro

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    You have to inject it into your testicles.
  3. Theworm

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    I do 300 iu every 3 days and works great for me.

    Ok: 5000 vial, inject 2 ml in vial so now you have 2500 iu per ml... if you want 300 iu then pull up .12 or 12 clicks on insulin syringe..

    If you want 250 iu pull up .1 ml or 10 clicks on insulin syringe
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  5. Sharkweek

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    500iu 2 x a week is a good start I think. That would be .2ml (20 on your syringe).

    You will get a wide variety of answers for dosage, a pretty typical dose while on trt seems to be 250-500iu 2-3x a week.
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    So if you’d been running hcg from day one of trt you would only need 500-1000iu a week split into a couple injections.
    HOWEVER- at this point you’re three years in on some major ball atrophy so you’re gonna need more than that my man. I would blast the fuck out of hcg if I were you. I’m talking 5000iu/wk minimum w/ injections EOD until your balls plump back up and then drop down to 250-500iu 2x a week (500-1000iu total).

    If that doesn’t work you’re gonna need to try a full on pct to reboot (which will suck). Good luck man!
  7. thedudebro

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    Thank you guys
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    Like @Grab Bag said you might need to start higher then Taper down.
    @Old knows a lot about this as well.
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    I can tell you I’ve been taking 500 twice a week and my balls still atrophied. As someone who plans on having another kid this has become quite a concern. I have ordered a bunch more hcg recently. I’m going to do 500 EOD and I’m hoping this will do the trick but I have a feeling I’m going to need more. I have used it since the start of my trt too (16 months).
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    Come on embrace the raisins!

    Lol jk. There's a lot of good advice here.
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    Oh I have but my girl who doesn’t care that they are smallest balls in the world is getting on my case, bc she knows what I take and that I could be shooting blanks at this point
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    I do 625iu 2x per week. Supposedly 1050iu makes a guy produce average natural test. Some guys take 2000iu a week permanently, I do 1250iu
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    One more thing fellas,

    I was told that as long as I was on TRT, I wouldn't be able to have kids. (The Navy doc told me this.) I was near certain that if I was prescribed hcg from the start, I would STILL be able to have kids.. I couldn't ask the Doc about it, otherwise he'd probably raise an eyebrow about whether or not I've used gear before. But at this point (3 years no HCG) would it even be possible to jumpstart my testes while on remaining on TRT for fertility? (No joke, I think feel good stuff going on down there already after one day... ita probably in my head though)
  14. SteroidsBro

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    You can most likely still have kids and HCG will help.
  15. Sitakikupa

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    You may want to check what kind of 2ml solution you have and if it is suitable for extended period multi use.

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  16. Jn2k2

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    Does everyone generally pin their hcg subQ or IM? still haven't been able to find a definitive answer as to which is better
  17. TRT@40

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    Brother, dont assume the worst! I would get a sperm analysis done to establish baseline.
    As long as your dont have primary hypogonadism, there are lot of easier options.
    I would jump on HCG 1000ius EOD now. If you testes are working, this much hcg will get your test production to well within the normal range. There is HMG and clomid that can be added if needed.
    I would recommend you see a fertility doctor.
    Good luck!
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  18. Grab Bag

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    Never heard of taking it im. When I used to receive it from my doctor, the instructions were always to use it sub q.
  19. Grab Bag

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    Damn man that sucks. What brand and source were you using? On only 400iu 2x week through my old doc my balls were always nice and plump. But now that I am self medicating for a short period of time w a similar amount I feel like my balls have shrunk some. I wonder if it has to do with the handling/storing practices of sources vs pharmacies. I have always been told hcg is very sensitive to damage once reconstituted, but not sure how sensitive it is when still freeze dried.
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    I'm gonna keep with 5000 IU/weekly till they bounce back. I've got 20000 IUs on hand, but.... gonna order more immediately. Thanks for your insight bruddah
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