1. So I got hcg from reliable rx....manufacturer is zyhcg.... squirted 10 units or 1/10 of a cc on a pregnancy test and got no reaction..... that's not a lot of liquid you guys with experience with the stuff you think it wasn't enough liquid to activate the test to saturate the tip? You think it's definitely bunk? I don't have enough to just squirt a cc on it....
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    Inject more. The tests are weird. If you look at the hcg levels in a knocked up woman they are fractions upon fractions of what we’re injecting. But Ive taken my prescription hcg on a test and it was a fuzzy ass line. I cut the hcg with distilled water to 100x what the test should register and got nothing. I don’t get it. So now I just inject it on the test until I see that pad get soaked.

    Sorry it’s not a very solid answer. I’ve also test a vial with a super solid line on the test and a few weeks later it’s inconclusive. Is that the cheap ass test being a problem or did the hcg break down? I don’t fucking know. I know my balls stay full and I’ve got huge cum loads so I’ll just assume it’s legit even when using international stuff instead of my American script.
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  3. Thanks bro. I ended up putting another cc of bac water to saturate it and still nothing....test wont register negative tho either so I'll just pin it and see.
  4. Don’t use the sticks that are made to be pissed on. Get the cheap 88 cent tests from Walmart that look like the one in the pic. You only need a couple drops of hcg to get it working. Never had one mess up on me yet..

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    I use these ones and have had issues. Known, good hcg tested bunk

    International supplier. TGI. Pharma. Water.


    The TGI shows negative here but has tested positive before and it’s working on me. I’ll try to find the pictures where I tested TGI and pharma positive against diluted pharma and water that showed negative.
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