HCG In TRT Therapy

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    Okay so brief introduction. I'm a 39 year old male who has been on TRT for about 7 years. I'm an old school AAS user who was active in the early 00s here on Meso, anabolicforum, and a few other forums. I haven't done a cycle since I was about 27.

    Im currently on about 400mg of test a week in a combination of 200mg of cyp and a daily compounded cream, with .25mg of ari three times a week. I've finally gotten my doctor to agree to add hcg to my protocol. The doctor has prescribed 200iu of HCG which I dont think is enough but now that I have the script ill get more. The sellers here look pretty good. It seems a lot easier to get gear now than it did back then. Just got to get an encrypted e-mail and some krypto currency.

    So I have some questions.

    1. What kind of dosing would you suggest?

    2. Im thinking of maybe starting with a 5000iu week followed by a normal weekly dosing, injecting every day.

    3. Im reading here that you can start HCG while on AAS. The general concensus when I was active was that HCG wouldn't work while on AAS. You either had to start it before starting a cycle and continue throughout or wait until a couple of weeks after the cycle. I've read here that may not be the case but I dont know. I haven't followed the literature for a long time and back when I was active we were more going on trial and error, and intuition. Can I start while taking TRT of should I quit for a couple of weeks?
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    As far as I know from various trt groups im following, they basically just start adding hcg into their trt regimen if they plan on kids until pregnant.
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    Well I did HCG to have a kid but I quit all TRT until conception. I plan here on HCG just being part of my protocol. I don't know if I should quit TRT fir a few weeks until the HCG kicks in or just add it. Back in 2001 when I first started AAS it was believed that HCG would not work if you were already on AAS. Now I'm not so sure.
  4. Nah you can start hcg on trt, it’s most effective when started at the beginning but you can still add it now. When I was on trt I added it 1 year into it, started at 500iu eod-3x week then generally 750-1100iu total per week split mwf.
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    How about a large initial dose?
  6. I guess you could do higher, like 1000iu eod or 3x a week if you feel like it’s necessary, that’s the dose I’m doing right now but I’m off trt. Back then I just went with the 1500-2000iu per week and I felt it working within a week.
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    Why are you so stuck on needing hcg?? Am I missing something here?? I am sure this was the same thing going through your doctors mind, when you weee asking for it. I mean it’s not unheard of by like someone else said unless you are worried about shooting blanks, I think supplementing proviron would be more beneficial than hcg for supporting your trt dose.
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    I wouldn't say I was stuck on it. I'm on the Crisler protocol and it is part of the Crisler protocol. I'm more interested in it for mental well being. It would also be nice to get rid of the testicular atrophy, and sensitivity. I'm a single dad now and I need to be at my best mentally.

    It would also be nice to shoot a big load again. When I did an HCG protocol to have my son I was a super soaker.
  9. I’d recommend anyone that does trt or cycles to consider hCG, even if fertility isn’t a concern. I’ve had significant increase in the size of my balls since going on hCG, confirmed by ultrasound, had 1 last year 7 months into trt no hCG and another one the other day. I’m pretty sure a biggest factor was terminating trt overv5 weeks ago and doing high dose hCG, 1000iu eod, plus a little clomid for fsh. Really don’t care about how they look, I care about them functioning.

    Anyway hCG also helps with mood, libido, sensitivity etc. Tbh I liked hCG more than any roid.
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