HCG no vacuum?

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    Just filled a vial had no vacuum any cause for concern?
  2. Dont use it. If you do, you'll permanently and irreversibly grow a third testicle, and you'll be shitting through the eye of a needle for a month.<---- weight loss?? You dont need any of that, toss it.

    It's fine.
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    lol yea figured just wanted to make sure because Ive never had one without. thanks
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    There is one generic chinese racetropin that doesn't vacuum seal and claims it is fine because they use nitrogen. I have no idea the validity of this.claim but alot of people give their product good reviews
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    Racetropin? Some of these names are comical. Sure I bet they fill it with nitrogen. The chinese are very stringent about quality.
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    Vacuum means nothing as to the quality of the GH. Serostim has no vacuum. I'd be more concerned about there being any GH at all in your vial of chinese generic.