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  1. telewacker

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    I've read about hcg being used for fat loss, obviously by people not using steroids. How would this effect natural T production? Is it suppressive? Safe to use as a slight T boost off cycle?
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    Commenting to follow answers.

    I can say I just had bloods done and docs plan if my test is low is to out me on hcg, as my understanding it simulates LH signaling you to produce more test.

    Others will chime in with more info.
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    so I'm no expert.... ugh will stimulate production however, prolonged use can also cause one to become desensitized and can also fuck up your natural signal. this means you need more and more hcg to keep producing all the while you become more and more desensitized. hcg also equals more estrogen. this means the more you take the more e you have so eventually you're gonna need to control that shit. in the end, you end up on try which is where you should be starting in the first place if you have low T. now again, I'm no expert. this is simply my understanding.
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    There is no easy way out :mad:
    Suppresive and not good in long term.
    I am not an expert but picked up some info in my life.
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    I think the weight loss program is for a month. Maybe recovery is easy after such a short time.
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    theres a possibility i MIGHT go on hcg or a combintion of both trt and hcg. waiting for bloods. if i do, i'll share my feedback for what its worth.
    being dependent on anything for life makes me nervous and is a big decision for me. even with cycling (if i choose)
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    i wish there were a way of getting the best of both worlds....
  8. Sworder

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    hcg diet works wonders bro! Cuts fat faster than DNP. Google Dr Oz program!

    It's horse shit and hCG would create negative feedback for your natural LH..
  9. Sparkyp

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    do/did you cycle it? or on for long periods
  10. Sworder

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    Yeah I cycle it for a couple months at a time. Can expect to lose about 3-4 lbs a week if you do it correctly.

    Are you not reading the fine print? It's a hoax bro, hcg diet is retarded and based upon somebody consuming 500 cals. The hCG part is just to throw a drug in the mix.
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  11. Eman

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    The hcg diet consists of using hcg and consuming 500cal per day... Is it any surprise that you would lose weight by consuming just 500cal per day?



    No, it's counterproductive and especially a bad idea if you're using it during an off cycle.
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    Thanks. Stands to reason. I use it while on cycle to keep the balls full. Was mildly curious about off cycle use but I'll just save my stash for cycles.
  13. Worf

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    The diet is bs, if you can live and function on 500 cals a day YOU WILL LOOSE WEIGHT. The hcg diet has over 50% drop out rate and should really only be used by very obese people. Not even any studies to prove how HCG helps in this extreme low cal diet.
    HCG WILL boost testosterone endogenous production IF and only if the testes are functional. HCG monotherapy is a form of "trt" or HRT, it is mainly applied to patients with secondary hypoganadism. IE. lack of LH & FSH being pulsed by the pituitary to stimulate the testicles. This mainly works in younger-ish males because typically the testicles are still "alive" but just need a boost. Most of the high estrogen and desensitization side affects are the result of 3,000 2x per week or 5,000 -10,000 IU 1x/wk fertility protocols. Most of these fertility docs arent concerned with a patient getting bloated, gyno or desensitized to hcg only sperm production. A reasonable HCG mono protocol would be 250-350 iu daily or eod. People use these protocols for years without desensitization, Check out DR Chrysler. Obviously it can hinder the hpta but it will not be nearly as hard to come back from as say a 10-12 cycle and a clomid only pct. The leading trt doctors that actually know their shit are prescribing 1-200mg test cyp split into 2 doses a week with 400-600 iu hcg pre injection days and adex to control estro as needed verified with blood work. If a person has normal test levels taking hcg as a diet aid or test booster would be foolish.