HCG on cruise

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by TheH0517, Apr 15, 2018.

  1. TheH0517

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    So I decided to just start cruising following this last cycle. Is there any point to continue hcg use? I feel it could possibly be useless unless I get to where I have to pct in the future.
  2. TheH0517

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    Unless my wife complains about my tiny balls of course.
  3. coz

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    I like it to keep the nuts full, and gives me a feeling of wellbeing on TRT/Cruise.
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  4. Wunderpus

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    For me it increases my mood, just like @coz mentions.... Can't hurt, hcg is cheap, too... Run 1500iu/week or so every few months...
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  5. TheH0517

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    Damn, 1500iu huh? I’ll experiment and see how what differences I notice. I bumped up from 500iu to 1000iu already but haven’t heard of others going any higher. Thanks for the input guys.
  6. Wunderpus

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    500iu 3x a week for a month is what I've done in the past. You may get a bit of estrogen related sides, depending on what your estrogen level is at currently. 250iu 3x a week is just fine, too.
  7. TheH0517

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    I just stopped the Test Ph yesterday and am going to run Test Cyp at 200mg/wk for 4 weeks and run bloods to check levels and increase/decrease Test/AI. Not planning on running an AI until then.

    I’m running 500iu 2xWK. Is 3xWK a better protocol for hcg?
  8. m314

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    I feel better with 1000 IU split into 3 injections instead of 2.

    I never come off hcg. I don't want my balls to shrink, and I feel better overall on blasts and cruises with it in.
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