HCG on cycle? Your experiences.

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    Hey guys I’m concidering hcg while on cycle. I understand the argument for and against but am curious to the actual experiences men have had who have done it?

    Mainly curious about sperm quality and load amount. Trying to recover these two while my wife is ovulating without comming off cycle.

    My second question is this, if she’s ovulating a few days out of the week should I just take it for a week prior and cycle it?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. If worried about fertility/balls staying on I’d just stay in hcg throughout your cycle and slowly taper off towards the end.

    Some say 250-500 ius/wk some say 1000-3000.

    I think 250/ius 2 times a week would be good but I’ve never tried it. Only plan on adding it my next go
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    It's not about being concerned about fertility, it's about being able to recover after your cycle if you are not blasting/cruising.

    Think of the testicles as a diesel engine, and the pituitary as a gas engine.

    The pituitary has no problem resuming production of LH right away even after long periods of being dormant.
    The testes, however, when atrophied, will have a hard time responding to that LH, it will take time.
  4. That’s why I said fertility/balls staying on.
  5. You wanna know if you should use hCG only on the one week per month your wife is ovulating...what do you think this will accomplish? If you have either oligospermia or azoospermia because of the roids it would take a minimum of 3 months for results, that’s how long it takes for spermatogenisis.
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    Since everyone else here is going after logical fallacies and whatnot (no offense - I do that a lot as well), I'll give OP what he asked for.

    I used to use hcg on cycle as my first gear supplier was a super cool local dude where you could get it for next to nothing with your cycle. It keeps your testes fluffed up and the ejaculate volume definitely increases. I took 250mcg a day if I remember correctly.

    I never had any laboratory confirmation on sperm counts or motility or anything, though. My woman can't have any more kids and I love the ones I have dearly but don't want any more haha.