Hcg only no pct?!?

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    How do people feel about this method of running hcg during ur cycle n stopping right atlfter the esters clear with no pct. for recovery. Want to know if anyone tries this or knows about it. Or is it bs and not enough or won’t preserve as much as dude say??

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    I've come across this video and similar ones like it. It's made me curious. Has anyone else tested this method for recovery?
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    What effect does hcg have on the HTPA?

    Zippo, in fact since HCG raises E-2 levels its use may further delay recovery esp in the absence of gonadal atrophy.
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    How about HCG use in combination with small amounts of anti e's such as aromasin?
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    I heard this dude say “basically”
    28 times, and IDK of any TRT docs that are routinely prescribing

    Folk need to realize high levels of E-2 and androgens are capable of
    shutting down the HTPA.

    And for this reason neither HCG or AIs are capable of reversing the suppressive effect CYCLING
    has on gonadal TT production.

    If fertilitity is a concern then HCG
    should be used when cycling AAS
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    I’m perscribed trt and doc didn’t mention shit about that. So I hear you on that. Thanks four you input dr Jim
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    This guy is probably from California and Ive no idea what the norm is there, if such a thing exists in "Kalifornia"
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    That’s the problem w MOST PED forum videos the speaker only rarely is well informed enough to be considered a reliable source and based upon what I’ve seen many are jacked out of their minds on recreational drugs.

    And this “bro” is certainly no exception to either IMO.
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    @Dr JIM so for fertility reasons how would you suggest running hcg during trt treatment.
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    I’ll defer you and others to net as several protocols are used depending upon the cause of infertility, patients age, sperm count etc.

    I’ve seen dosages that range from
    250 to 1000 IU / day, most on the lower end.

    However whether these protocols (on a NEED basis) apply to B.B. running AAS is another matter.

    Bottom line IF hcg is needed at all, a 250 IU QOD is prob more than sufficient in those in their prime reproductive years (< 35)

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    I've done that and it works just fine.

    two things shutdown during steroid cycles:
    1 The pituitary. No evidence this is permanent. It seems to always come back to normal provided no excess estrogens or androgens in the blood.
    2 The testis. This can be permanent. Hence HCG during cycle beats pct (after cycle).
    I keep on injecting hcg 2 weeks after the last pin.
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