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  1. im reading a lot of different protocols. i just ended my 16 wk npp/tpp cycle at 450 mg each. i was also running 250 iu hcg 2x a week up until roughly week 12 of my cycle. i have never run hcg post cycle and have 5000iu i can use. i have both nolva and clomid on hand as usual. really just asking about hcg. ive been off about a week and waws planning on starting pct on day 21 since i ran short esters and not a high dose.
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    Id do it low dosed until you stsrt the serms

    You only havent used it for 4 weeks so i dont think u need it for longer periods or higher dosages.
    Id stick to the protocol u used until serms are starting
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  3. I was thinking maybe bump to 500iu 2x a week for 2 weeks.