HCG plus Testo versus Testo plus HCG

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    Breeze Banned

    Hello hormone mates,

    I'd like to ask the following questions with educational intentions
    in the context of hormone modulation for the tired elderly
    (and thereby perhaps completely ignoring the needs
    of young bodybuilders or finasteride victims, sorry).

    In his paper "A Recipe for Success - second edition" Dr Crisler shares
    his best thoughts about TRT for men. In this 'recipe' the testosterone is administered first
    (to restore youthful Testosterone levels) and then hcg is added
    1. to bridge the testosterone trough between injections,
    2. to prevent testicular shrinkage and
    3. to stimulate the conversion of Cholesterol into useful 'stuff'.
    In addition - as he remarks - his patients absolutely love it.

    I was wondering whether there are other 'recipes' out there
    that utilise HCG as the first step (to imitate age-appropriate or
    even youthful Gonadotropin levels) and then add Testosterone cream
    or injections on top of that for above-average performance ?

    Wouldn't it make sense to take HCG daily
    (youthful bodies release LH/FSH daily, right ?),
    perhaps even as a nasal spray, then measure resulting T and E2 levels
    and then tweak with Testosterone cream and a bit of arimidex if required ?
    Could that potentially lead to more stable hormone levels ?
    According to Dr Crisler "the body thrives on regularity"
    and so patients may love this 'recipe' even more ?

    I would be grateful if the slightly wiser guys on this forum could guide me
    to 'recipes' similar to the one outlined above. In case this has been discussed
    multiple times on this forum, I apologise.

    Kind Regards,

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    CubbieBlue Member

    There are people that do what you mention. It starts as hCG monotherapy then moves to add in testosterone if the hCG mono is insufficient. Many on hCG mono do take it every day.
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    Breeze Banned

    Thanks, mate. Would you (or someone else for that matter) say,
    that daily HCG plus supplemental Testosterone is the 'better' approach
    than Dr Crisler's 'Recipe for Success' ?

    (Of course, only in this context of the 'tired elderly' and
    deliberately ignoring that 'individual results may vary' and so on … )

    What are the experiences with that concept ? Anyone ?

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    CubbieBlue Member

    No. I personally think the best approach is the least complicated, and that's straight T, by itself. If you are able to accomplish that with good results - great.
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    LW64 Member

    I was on exactly the protocol you're describing and it did not work well for me. My E2 level went too high. I dont think it's possible to make a generalization about what protocol is 'best' because TRT is too dependant on individual response: anyone on it needs to determine what works best in their own case.
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    Breeze Banned

    Thanks for your answers, guys !

    Cheers, Breeze

    P.S. If anyone out there is on 1. daily hcg plus 2. supplemental T cream, please speak up and share your experiences. :eek:

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