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  1. Hutch1

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    So I have ran 2 test only cycles so far with nolva as pct. I have never used hcg.

    my nuts always shrink up during the cycle, and im wondering how to dose hcg to enable a safer and faster recovery after cycle. WHEN and HOW MUCH hcg to pin seems to be a hot button debate.

    I am running 500mg text a week. Sustanon if it matters. 10 week.
  2. bambam333

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    250 to 500iu 2x a week has worked for me
  3. Hutch1

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    When do you take it tho like at what point in a cycle
  4. LeoTC

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    Ideally throughout.
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  5. bambam333

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    There will be people that say on cycle and there will be people that say on cycle is a waste. I think and feel good doing it at that dose throughout the cycle. Nuts are good libidos good overall feel good
  6. enigma34

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    My balls always stay small on 250x2 and 500x2. Mondays and Thursdays.
  7. brownbro

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    Personally I like to run throughout cycle and keep the nuts alive lol.
    Some folks let them shrink and go to sleep, then in pct shoot higher doses hcg to wake them back up. Both methods seem to work but in my opinion it’s worth the extra HCG to run throughout cycle to keep them nuts plump.
    Also running throughout is a better way to maintain fertility if that is important to you.
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  8. MioJuice

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    you gonna need 2 bottle of hcg for sure, I do 1000iu eod for 5 day, then 500 eod unti i run out, after cycle.
  9. MioJuice

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    i will never pct without hcg again, Pct with hcg is a breeze lol.
  10. Dec1214

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    What should be a hcg dose for TRT? I think to start 250 3x pw.

    But also I wonder how much should I take for the first couple of weeks as I didn't use hcg and have started my TRT already?

    I'm thinking 500-600 3x week.
  11. Sharkweek

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    500iu 2x a week seems to be a good amount.

    Even 250iu 2x a week has shown to be pretty effective, but it's so cheap that the little extra seems to be worth it.
  12. Bluewhistle

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    What I have been reading lately just follows upehat everyone has been saying. hcg throughout cycle 250 to 500. No hcg in pct. Stop it right around your last injection.
  13. JJ14

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    All depends on the person. Ya it's good to research for sure but what works for me might not work for you. You might be 21 yrs old and read an article that a 50yrd old wrote. Just get bloodwork done every month and go from there. Why blast hcg if it's not needed.
  14. Sharkweek

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    My suggestion would be much what you said, 250-500iu 2x a week during cycle. Continue that while any longer half life drugs clear, then discontinue when you begin any SERMs.

    Example 10 week test E cycle

    Week 1-10:
    2x250mg shots of Test E
    2x250-500iu of HCG
    AI as needed

    Weeks 11-12
    2x250-500iu HCG
    AI as needed

    Weeks 13-17

    Just an example, amounts and weeks would obviously vary depending on cycle/drugs/you.
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  15. Dthcore

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    What should pct After 20 weeks on look like if there was no hcg used.
    This is not my situation but rather someone else and i want to help.

    Any heads up on proper protocol would help. Reason for him coming off is because he wants to try for another baby with his girl.
  16. You might get more responses if you started your own thread, or maybe not who knows lol. Anyway I guess it all depends on whether he wanted to pct and recover long-term or if he only plans to come off long enough to conceive.

    Option one stop roids, start hCG, I personally did 1000iu 3x/wk, can go higher or lower and do eod but I find 3x/wk mwf was much simpler. Once the roids have mostly cleared and your T is at the bare minimum >400 then switch to clomid/tamoxifen for 4-6 weeks at 50/20mg, I’m not a fan of the 100/40mg.

    Option two for enhanced sperm recovery, just continue to use hCG and clomid until pregnancy and if clomid doesn’t work to increase FSH then hCG and hmg/FSH. Can do this method until pregnancy and just pct with serms after if he wants to recover.

    Either way spermatogenesis takes roughly ~90 days so if he’s got oligospermia or azoospermia it’ll be 3 months until new sperm is ready regardless of fertility drugs.
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  17. TheAnabolicStore

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    I have even heard some people take hcg prior
    .take it during your workouts as other have said and you will never want to cycle without it haha