HCG raising E Levels

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    I know hcg on its own can elevate testosterone and in turn estrogen levels. But for someone on trt, are the elevations significant at all? I know most say that everybody is different, and I understand that. But I am on trt at 150 mg per week and taking.5 mg of anastrozole twice a week. Since my bloods are only two or three months apart, I'd like to understand if the addition of my HCG at 500 IU's twice a week would significantly change any of my blood work such that I should increase my anastrozole. Really just looking for somebody with personal experience that can let me know if the HCG really makes a big difference on blood levels.
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    During my initial phases of TRT, i was on 100mg of T eow and 1000iu of hcg ed which is a huge amount. This results in my test level over a 1000 but also results in really high e levels which i could have managed with AI if the endocrinologist had prescribed it to me at the time. I know its not exactly the same doses as you but another data points. There are other benefits of HCG with test that i consider important...
    Since then I am more educated on the subject now and would do this protocol a bit differently in terms of HCG dosage and frequency.
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    The 150 mg of T each week orT each week are obviously prescribed by my doctor. I am self-medicating with the hcg because my doctor doesn't prescribe that. I'm doing it mainly to keep the testicles alive and from shrinking. I've also noticed the quality of sex and orgasm so much better using HCG. So since I'm self-medicating, the dosage could vary. I'm just trying 500 IU twice a week along with my twice a week T shots because I didn't want to start too high. Was just wondering if that level of HCG would have any noticeable difference on my blood work. Because any additional blood work would be out of pocket and it gets pretty expensive checking all those points.
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    what is your E2 on current protocol?
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    My E2 levels are unknown at the moment. They were okay but my last tests were 3 months ago. My next test is in two weeks. I wanted to stay on the twice a week 500iu dose before my test so I could see where that puts my levels while on the .25 mg of Anastrozole twice a week as well.
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    Hcg shots are going to increase your test levels, In a dose dependant manner, if you are secondary hypogonadism but also increase estrogen more than if you were just taking TRT doses of test. You have to keep a special eye on estrogen when taking hcg especially in high doses
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    Thank you. Also, I've never found a clear answer about elevated E and the time it remains elevated. For example, if I add hcg with the half life of 2 days does that mean that my E level would be elevated for the same amount of time that the HCG is in my system? Or do the elevated levels stay high for a while longer?
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    If you’re seeing an TRT expert an
    most endocrinologists qualify IMO, you might wanna ask him/her why HCG is NOT being prescribed.

    And contrary to conventional bro speak bc you don’t lose your balls on legit TRT, chances are you’ll be told “bc it’s NOT required and tends to only complicate matters”, and your post is a classic example of what Im referring to.