HCG Use During Last Half of Cycle

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  1. Archimedes

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    I'm very interested in the difference between running hcg in the last four weeks of the cycle as suggested in the Bill Roberts papers vs. in the pct cycle in the Dr. Scally body of research. Currently I'm doing the the Scally suggested method since that is the only blood work supported data out there I'm aware of, but since HCG causes suppression I'm confused by the mechanics of why the Bill Roberts method would not be more effective.

  2. bigrobbie

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    I've always had great results starting hcg approx 10 - 14 days into cycle and stay on all the way through pct. To each his own though!
  3. Michael Scally MD

    Michael Scally MD Doctor of Medicine

    If you are going to be cycling often, I suggest hcg use always. Of course, there are the exceptions for prep.
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  4. Archimedes

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    Doc, Thanks for taking the time to respond. So would I modify anything in your protocol if I ran the HCG 500 3x/week during cycle?
  5. Michael Scally MD

    Michael Scally MD Doctor of Medicine

    Over the years, I have found that Q3D is as effective as EOD.
  6. IRQ_001

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    Dr., Are you saying that Robert's approach is good to go? If so, will you apply it in the same manner as he suggested below:

    The period of hcg use will typically be about 4 weeks. In an 8-12 week cycle, the 4 weeks (approximately) of use would be immediately prior to the last steroid injection. In a 14 week cycle, the about 4-week period should be in the late-middle part of the cycle. Examples would be using HCG in weeks 6-9, in weeks 9-12, or anywhere in-between.

    The dosing is divided into at least 3 times per week. For example, 275 IU 3x/week provides 5000 IU over four weeks. But dosing could be daily, every other day, or 4x/week, as examples. There is little or no practical difference in results among these different schedules. It’s a matter of personal preference.

    The total amount taken per week doesn’t need to be any exact figure. For example it also would be fine to take 500 IU three times per week or to take 200 IU daily.

    Taking more than 1250 IU per week result in a 5000 IU vial lasting less than four weeks. For example, at 500 IU 3x/week, a vial lasts just over 3 weeks. This is acceptably close to 4 weeks, and ordinarily with this schedule a single vial still suffices. Much higher dosing than this gives no further results per week, and gives less results per vial.
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    Thank you to everyone who responded, this board is amazing. I think the last piece of the puzzle for me on the PCT front would be the really interesting 2011 thread on nolvadex vs. clomid+Nolvadex that the titans of the board were discussing. If there this new research since that thread I would be keenly interested in such data.
  8. Archimedes

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    If I'm reading the above right, the Dr is saying every 3 days vs. 3 times a week would be the modification to the above schedule.
  9. IRQ_001

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    I thought hcg will not stimulate leydig cells when TT levels are supra physiological. If this is the case, why use during cycle?

    Good thread by the way...
  10. Archimedes

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    Do you have the reference for the above?
  11. Millard Baker

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    HCG acts on the T of the HPT axis but not the H and P.
  12. Michael Scally MD

    Michael Scally MD Doctor of Medicine

    Of course, not during certain parts of pct. In other words, none when restoring the HP part of the HPTA.
  13. @Michael Scally MD
    So with this cycle
    Sustanon 1000mg week
    Winstrol 300mg week
    8weeks on/ 4weeks off
    Will be better use hcg 500iu Q3d always?
    4weeks off too?

    Thankk you