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    Does hcg seem to make any one horney? I dont know if its in my head but after I inject it I need to be with my wife. Is it just me or is it really like this for others?

  2. Ice-T4444

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    (lol) thats funny bro.....
    I take it when injecting hcg you dont need to aspirate correct????
  3. Ironhorse

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    Never made me horny. Actually never heard of that happening to anyone.
  4. Ironhorse

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    No, no need to aspirate. Its a sub q injection not intramuscular.

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    HAHA I dont know then maybe it is just in my head..
  6. Ironhorse

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    If youre still mid-cycle its probably the test. Also, Im not saying that it CANT happen, just never heard of it happening.
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    Haven't heard of that happening! Even if it is in your head, who cares! Any excuse to give the other half some special treatment is always welcome!
  8. Michael Scally MD

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    Brief Answer:

    Yes. This is a common side effect in individuals using hcg. It does not occur by any means in all but it is a significant number. I do not have a exact percentage or a study to quote. In my medical practice, though, this was a common occurrence. Also, many complained of testicular tenderness or "blue balls." I do not have the time currently but I do have studies on hCG effect on testicular volume, etc. I will post within the next weeks.

    Thank you.

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  9. Michael Scally MD

    Michael Scally MD Doctor of Medicine

    hcg is a medication that can be administered subcutaneous or intramuscular. Early on, it was only described as an intramuscular medication. It is not until the past decade or even more recent that the subcutaneous injection has become the preferred route. This makes sense form a pain and infection viewpoint and subcutaneous gives a far larger number of sites for administration. As an anecdote, a pharmacist refused to place on a prescription label to use hCG subcutaneous that I prescribed for a patient!!! The pharmacist put for an intramuscular injection until I sent him studies that show sc and im are no different as far as clinical effectiveness. I believe that many of the manufacturer's PI (patient insert) still state im use.

    Thank you.

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    Wow I don't know how some of you guys missed on this, but hcg in large enough doses is probably the fastest most insistent aphrodisiac out there. On 1000 iu/ED I was entirely distracted, felt as though I could cum just by sneezing. Even looking at a sexually enticing female of the species brought me close. Like being 13 (except for the enormity of the splurge:eek:).

    After you've "been with" your wife, Epower, how many hours went by until you felt it was time to be there again? This HCG effect doesn't want to go away after just one "being with".:rolleyes:


    PS, Doc is right about the balls being even more tender than usual.
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  11. EPOWER

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    WOW that is alot of info..Thank you very much. That would explain it to me. I am taking 1500iu a week and after I take my injection for 4 days or so all I want to do is have sex.

    Solo 15 0r 20 mins after I go again I am ready for more and this is non stop for days lol. Its a great thing. Is hcg safe to take all the time? or just when on cycle??

    Thank you very much guys

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    yes ..hcg has the same effect on my libido..it always has.Do not use it during pct.And when you do use try and simulate the dosage to what your body naturally does.I am not sure what would happen if used off cycle at say 500 ius 2 x per week...ANYONE ????:confused:
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    Yeah, that sounds like HCG. Just hope you're not turning your darling cooperative wifey into a receptacle. You know, skipping foreplay, displays of affection, and all that time-wasting stuff:rolleyes:. You might want to consider offering her small amounts of Anavar so she can keep up with you gasmwise.:eek:

    Don't flame me, anyone just kidding!

    Probably should not take HCG all the time, tempting as it is (right, Dennis?), since in larger amounts it must shut down your HPTA to some degree. The jury is out, as far as I know, on regular smaller doses between cycles. Any information on that anyone?

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    Do not use it during PCT?
    What about the guy that did a cycle and has testicular atrophy?
    All the clomid and nolva in the world would not stimulate the testicles like HCG would.
    HCG is for testicular atrophy and if you have it, it would be a good idea to use it.

    I dont think using it just for the sake of using it would be a good idea, there can be leydig cell desensitivity issues here.

    You cant use it for circadian rythem as the half life wont allow that to work.

    I myself do get aroused when I use HCG, I shot some yesterday and had a pretty crazy sex dream last night, not too normal considering I am 48
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    Hmmm.....I didnt know that Solo. Good to know.