He was asleep in his car when Keys deputies woke him and found bags full of steroids

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    He was asleep in his car when Keys deputies woke him and found bags full of steroids

    October 26, 2018 04:29 PM

    Florida Keys deputies said they found grocery bags full of steroids, syringes and almost $1,000 in cash inside a man’s car that they checked after receiving a complaint about someone trespassing at a Key Largo campground early Friday morning.

    Victor Hugo Calderon, 54, was arrested on a felony drug possession with intent to sell charge and a misdemeanor count of giving a false identification to a law enforcement officer.

    Monroe County Sheriff’s deputies found him sleeping in his Chevrolet Malibu inside Key Largo Kampground and Marina, at mile marker 103.6, around 2 a.m. Deputy Joel Torres knocked on the car’s window to wake Calderon. He asked him for his driver’s license. Calderon said he did not have it on him and told Torres his name was Victor Hugo Alvaro.

    Calderon also gave Torres a bogus Social Security number and wrong date of birth, according to Torres’ arrest affidavit. When Torres ran the name with the Social Security number, dispatch responded that there was no match, Torres wrote in his report. Torres asked Calderon to get out of the car.

    Another deputy arrived and they searched the Malibu. They found three grocery bags containing vials of testosterone enanthate and testosterone cypionate — both anabolic steroids — and human growth hormone, according to Torres’ report. They also found syringes and $874 in cash.

    Calderon’s wallet was in the car also, which contained his license. The reason he didn’t show it to Torres earlier likely had to do with the outstanding warrant for his arrest in reference to a probation violation and drug charge, Torres stated.

    Calderon was booked into Plantation Key jail on a bond of $90,000.

    He was asleep in his car when Keys deputies woke him and found bags full of steroids
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    Did they really have a right to search his car?
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    You're just asking for trouble if you carry bags of steroids and syringes around with you, sleep in your vehicle with said steroids and syringes, trespass, lie to LE, all while having a warrant out for your arrest. Also carrying nearly 1 grand in cash. He was selling, no doubt.

    I believe it was @gr8whitetrukker who said, "you cant be suprised when you get gunned down when you live like a gangster everyday."
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    I wouldn't buy gear from a guy living in his car

    I'd just take it all
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    Stupid is as stupid does, period. This guy was practically asking for it skulking around a campground with a car full of gear and cash.
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    If it is quality stuff then yes!
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    This dude was gangster selling roids out of a Malibu. Some kingpin shit right there. #walterwhite, #scarface

    Gotta laugh when the papers make a dude with a grand cash and a Chevy Malibu a big deal
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    Just as bad as some meathead selling gear in the locker room at the gym...
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    Or I would through him in an apartment for a 6 month lease while he gets his shit together in exchange for the gear. Unless I was on tren. Then I'm robbing him