Headaches from Testosterone

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    milnerb1 Junior Member

    This is my first post to this forum. I'm amazed at the depth of knowledge being shared here and have a couple question for which I have not been able to find an answer yet.

    First, a little background...

    I recently started HRT, being a 38 yr old with T levels around 325 and estrogen levels were 39. We suspect that I developed impaired testosterone production as a result of participating in a study during college which utilized an experimental drug called Nal-Glu, which inhibited my LH production.

    My doctor started me on patches plus 100 mg DHEA per day and 45 mg zinc. After 5 weeks, I had my labs re-done. T levels were only up to 368 but estrogen spiked to 49.

    After about 2 weeks on the patches, I started to develop itchy ratches on my skin. At 5 weeks, I converted to androgel, but also started reacting to that within several days too.

    Nevertheless, we decided to try Test Cypionate injections to see how I reacted.

    First shot was 200 mg done in my abdominal fat tissue. My doctor wanted to see how I react to a fat injection vs an IM..

    Within a few hours of receiving the shot, I felt fine (no better than normal) but developed a low grade headache. I've now had a low to moderate-high intensity headache for the last couple days since the shot. Other than that, and a bruise and some itchy skin irritation at the injection site, I feel fine.

    The headache is similar to a 'caffine headache' or the type of headache one would experience while fasting or detoxifying their body.

    A few questions:

    • Are headaches like this a common side effect of taking testosterone?
    • What is the cause of these headaches?
    • Is it common for the headaches to subside once the body adjusts to a higher testosterone level?
    • What are the best ways to treat these headaches? Are there natural remedies available?

    Any input from any of the experts on this forum would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks very much.
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    BBC3 Member

    First of all. I dont know why in the F@#K he would shoot cyp into you fat. Perhaps he is mildly retarded?? Perhaps I dont have all the info. I'LL BET YOU HAD A SLIGHT ITCHING. Not a good idea. You might steer away from him and on to another. Let me guess, he is a Urologist, right??

    As far as the redness from the patches. You are probably allergic to whatever crap they add to it to get it into your skin, patch style so to speak. Many people are allergic to that crap. Hell it could just be the glue alone. I get rashes after continued nicotine patch use...
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    milnerb1 Junior Member

    Re: Headaches from HRT

    Actually, I think he wanted to start me subcutaneous just to see how I reacted, seeing that I was so sensitive to both the Androderm AND androgel.

    I do have itching, and a pretty good bruise at the injection site though.

    Any thoughts on the headaches?
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    JanSz Junior Member

    Effect of administration of a gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH) antagonist (Nal-Glu) during the periovulatory period: the luteinizing hormone surge requires secretion of GnRH -- Dubourdieu et al. 78 (2): 343 -- Journal of Clinical Endocrinology &
    Effect of administration of a gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH) antagonist (Nal-Glu) during the periovulatory period: the luteinizing hormone surge requires secretion of GnRH


    First, there is a (small) chance that by suppressing your E2, and adjusting it to about E2~25
    will raise your TotalT
    With E2+39 all you probably need is 0.5mg/week Liquidex but on frequent schedule, say EOD
    use 0.15cc dose every other day, check in 4-6 weeks.

    I do subQ injections around navel but I do 0.25cc=50mg per shot
    on EOD schedule 50*7/2=175mg/week
    Once in a while I will get a lump that last couple days.
    After few months of that my belly started (very low level) of itch.
    I expanded the area, use glutes, delts and belly.
    My thighs do not like subQ, hur few days.
    You have to try different locations to see how you will react.
    I use smallest and shortest available needle:
    BD Ultrafine II U-100 Insulin Syringe 31 Gauge 3/10cc 5/16inch Short Needle--1/2 Unit Markings 100/b Price: $25.95

    I newer have headache, at least when I have it sometimes it is not due to test, (I think).

    I suggest better testing, if you cann arrange that.

    See my theread, look thru it, 4 pages.
    On post $44 there is extensive list that I do once a year.
    After insurance cost =$6 (under present President Bush, it will shortly change if wrong guy gets elected).

    You may want to pick and choose from that list but the more you know the better chance to figure out where you need help.
    Good luck.
    If your DHT is close to upper range or (slightly) higher then you should use injections.
    Loww DHT, use transdermals.

    Before you start ant T supplementation, figure out your testicles status.
    Primary -- need T supplementation.
    Secondary, testicles may respond to hcg.
    There are cases in between.

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    BrianEE93 Junior Member

    I recently started having bad headaches especially when I would strain while lifting weights. I think it might of been my high E2 or my falling E2 after I started arimidex(I fell from 66 to 36 in one month). Now that I am more leveled out with Arimidex I don't get the headaches.
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    milnerb1 Junior Member

    That's very interesting. I never considered that my elevated E2 levels could be causing the headaches. Googling on the subject seems to support the idea that elevated E2 can cause headaches.
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    BrianEE93 Junior Member

    I know my wife seems to have a lot of headaches. Especially went the subject of sex comes up. :)
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    milnerb1 Junior Member

    Thank you very much JanSz for the thorough response!

    I'm kind-of a 'newbie' to this whole topic so I will ask some clarifying questions:

    The reference to Nal-glu is new to me. Do you think it is possible that I've messed up my ability to produce LH from the experimental use of the Nal-glu?


    My doctor mentioned that he wanted to try out Test Cyp. shots for a month, including 45 mg zinc per day. Then he would look at my estrogen levels. If still high, he would put me on an aromataze inhibitor (Femara).

    Does this sound like a reasonable approach?

    He indicated that he didn't think hcg would work for me, feeling that my excess abdominal fat was resulting in lots of conversion of testosterone to Estrogen. His hope is that, by boosting T levels, I'll be more invigorated for exercise and wil be able to shift my body composition from fat to muscle. I currently weigh 234 and and 5' 6' and need to get down to about 180-190 for optimal weight.
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    HeadDoc Psychologist; Super Moderator

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    JanSz Junior Member

    Lucky, your's keeps her headdache to herself, mine is a giver (of headaches).

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    JanSz Junior Member

    Get tested, see what you will find out.

    Other than beer and wine I do not know much about drugs and I newer tried any.
    So I know nothing about Nal-glu. I think it is attempting to increase LH and make testis produce more.
    But in mean time it possibly screwed you up.

    You DEFINITELY do not try (Test Cyp. shots for a month), or any other external testosterone supply.
    It is an excellent way to cloud your situation.
    If decission is made to supplement with testosterone, it is decission for life, it is steady course, not a cycling (like BB are doing).

    First do extensive testing, so you have a diagnosis and a reason why you are low on test.
    Well, you have already used testosterone (and who knows what else), so your situation will be that much harder to figure.

    Usually there is a host of other problems that one may have:
    minerals imbalances
    30 other reasons.
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    milnerb1 Junior Member

    Thanks for the response.

    I'm attaching my complete lab history to this thread back to 1992. It's not nearly as complete as your battery of tests on your post #44, but is much more complete than I initally mentioned.

    With regard to my background, I've never used steroids of any kind except for when I was involved with the medical study in 1992. That was Nal-Glu (which shut down LH production), followed by replacement of my testosterone deficiency with 100mg Test E per week. This went on for 6 weeks.

    I hope that doing Androderm or 100mg of Test Cypionate/week won't mess me up long term! I only want to bring my natrual testosterone production to the middle-upper normal range again.

    I'd be very curious and appreciative if you are able to glean any insight from the attached bloodwork.

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