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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by JohnLong, Apr 11, 2018.

  1. JohnLong

    JohnLong Member

    I've had the same pair of headphones for 8+years now.
    Sony MDR-XB500

    Thinkin about upgrading but very hard to make my mind up. These babies have been so good to me in terms of quality and durability.

    What kind of headphones are you guys rockin? And what are your opinions on a upgrade?
  2. Eman

    Eman Member

    I've probably spent over $1000 on headphones over the last 8 years... I recommend nothing, they never last.
  3. JohnLong

    JohnLong Member

    which headphone disappointed you the most?
    and overrated?
  4. rutman

    rutman Member

    Been wearing Beats Studio wireless over the ears for the last 2 years. Sound is awesome! But they get hot as hell at times. I’ve had wireless Beats ear buds. They suck compared to the ones I just bought... got a set of Bose Soundsport wireless buds. Best ones I’ve had to date. They do have a cable connecting the two ear pieces. Which is fine. But Bose does have a totally wireless set for $199. Kind of wished I’d got those. Mine were $150 from amazon.
  5. GymRat88

    GymRat88 Member

    Honestly they have these gummie headphones at Walmart for 10$ that bump really good and they've always worked good for me. Also the headphones that come with the Galaxy s8 bump great, and some Bose wireless are awesome, but very expensive.
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  6. JohnLong

    JohnLong Member

    those wireless bose earbuds sound nice. i prefer bluetooth earbuds to have the cable tho lol. i like how they can rest on your shoulders when they have a cable

    beyerdynamic DT 770 look good to me rn
  7. JohnLong

    JohnLong Member

    lately i've been buying cheap ass bluetooth earbuds with some success...mostly fails tho haha
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  8. Spooby

    Spooby Member

    I've used august ep650's for awhile, the last pair I bought seem lower quality than the last but it could be my hearing :/ they are still really great though
  9. Wish i had that much disposable headphone money like Rockefeller here. :D

    Actually, my last pair cost me $7 and do a damn fine job.
    They're not built to last. No money in it for these companies if you only buy a single pair every 10 years.
  10. TideGear

    TideGear Member

    I agree with @Eman, they never last. So I use these for $8.

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  11. JohnLong

    JohnLong Member

    those are ear buds
  12. MCFC

    MCFC Member

    For about 10 years straight is use nothing but those 99$ Bose in ear headphones. Sounded great. I'd buy a pair, save the box, reciept and 6 months later when they'd break id return them and say try were a gift and buy another pair. Finally they caught on lol. Last time I bought a pair of 20$ skull candy I believe and honestly sounded just as fucking good. Now they just broke after about a year. I'll probably just get the same thing or something very similar. Technology has advanced with electronic so well you don't really have to buy the best to be satisfied. As for Bluetooth headphones that's a different story. You're gonna have to shell out atleast a hundred to get a descen sounding pair.
  13. jaymaximus

    jaymaximus Member

    I recommend one of the many other threads about this that are started every other month on here.
  14. MindlessWork

    MindlessWork Member AnabolicLab.com Supporter

    I have been using Philips SHS3200's for last 7 years and they sound nice and loud plus pretty cheap as I am hard on headphones. As I am leery of bringing my new iPhone 8 into the gym I use an old Sandisk Fuze+ player for my music which also means no distractions from a phone.
  15. Seven Dog

    Seven Dog Member AnabolicLab.com Supporter

    You're hard on headphones, but you've been using the same pair for the LAST 7 YEARS! Lmfao...
  16. daylight driller

    daylight driller Member AnabolicLab.com Supporter

    I bought a pair of beats studio wireless and they worked good thdn startsd to get hot. I cakled apple.sent in the old ones and they sent me a new pair for free.
  17. JohnLong

    JohnLong Member

    i bought a pair theyre not bad good rec
  18. TideGear

    TideGear Member

    Yeah for the price they're fine. Cheap enough to buy a few for different places so you don't have to carry the same pair everywhere
  19. Oldschool

    Oldschool Member

    Meso's idiot and his goofy ass posts. He has to be a troll. No one is that "mindless":p
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  20. MindlessWork

    MindlessWork Member AnabolicLab.com Supporter