Healing and Wheeling stack.

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  1. tylersburden

    tylersburden Junior Member

    GH 2 ui morning at waking
    mk677 night right before bed
    Tb500 5mg a week for a month then 2mg maintenance till fully healed
    BPC 700mcg till fully healed

    What do you guys think?
  2. That's a lot of GH and peptides lol.

    Isnt MK677 a secretagogue?
    So wouldnt SubQ GH make it less effective?

    Wouldnt mind someone who has more k knowledge than me jumping in.

    Joint pain I assume?
  3. tylersburden

    tylersburden Junior Member

    I was told not to run GH before bed. Most beneficial first thing in morning fasting for a half hr minimum.

    I healed up pretty quickly from a Achilles blow out with the help of mk677 tb500 and bpc. About a four to five month heal w/out sugery and working manual labor. Throughout the process.
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  4. Mexicanmuscle

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    i just gh before my fasted cardio
    2 lipodrene
    2 clen
    4 yohimbe
    2 tyrosine
    and thats my stack before cardio
  5. JP1979

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    Always wondered about the gH and Mk stack. Seems counter intuitive. I've read the shut down from a gH injection is 24hrs