health supps u guys take to remain healthy while on trt?

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  1. Avies48

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    just wondering what everyone takes health wise in order to try to remain as healthy as possible while on trt?


    nattokinase (MIGHT SWITCH TO RUTIN, as i recently found this and its supposed to help with 2 different kinds of clots)
    narnigen (for hematocrit puposes, ) (i know long shot eh?)
    omega 3's

    gonna ad in :

    ip-6 (iron chelator of sorts)
    super k
    ubiquinol gh absorb from jarrow
    citrus bergamont (cholesterol issues)

    now yes a few oth the lower list above, are for my own research to see how they effect me...

    there is also a doc whom i got in tough with off of nelson vergels sight excelmale trt site, who will actually send u out a script so u can get tested for thrombosis stuff...

    if anyone wants his contact info let me know and ill post for you to get into touch with him, he stated that most insurances will cover all the testing, BUT in the case they wont they offer to pay for them thru their research funding....

    now currently i am off trt, but find myself still needing to take arimidex from time to time, not based off bw, but more so how im feeling...
  2. Steelbronx

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    Multi, fish oil, turmeric, and vitamin c are the core health based supps I take. Others are rhodiola, ginkgo, gotu kola, ashgawhandha, and ceylon cinnamon to keep the blood thin. Wouldnt hurt to throw in some coconut oil as well.
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  3. Avies48

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    Which multi?

    And what does the ashgawhandha do for u?

    Ive also got the liv 52 and albana (heart health as its called in the states)

    Considering injectables:


    And a few others as well!
  4. Steelbronx

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    I take Orange triad. Pretty solid overall multi. Ashgawhandha has a wide array of benefits. Google "ashgawhandha ncbi" and youll come across studies on studies. That goes for all these supps. Just type "ncbi" after the name and youll have many studies to read from. Glad I could help
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  5. toolman

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    All you are all doing is creating expensive piss. I was a believer until I read all the studies showing that multivitamins and fish oil via any other means than in your food are useless. The only sup you need is vitamin D.
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    I hope this is a joke
  7. LW64

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    It is not.
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    care to elaborate there toolman? id love to see all the studies showing omega 3's are not needed or just pissed away?, seriously id love to look thru them all...u see when someone like me cannot eat fish, i have no other choice, and ive seen some contradictory studies but most studies cant be taken at face value do to ages and health of those accepted into said studies...

    now vitamin D? you say it is the only good one? what about vitamin k2?
  9. toolman

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    I am not and I was a skeptic too when I started reading about it steel as I also had a daily ritual of supps and pills. Notice how the color of your urine changes when on them...that is your liver and kidneys getting rid of all the overkill you are doing. Plus these elements are best received through proper nutrition, not pills. I take none of them now, haven't for more than a couple years and there has been no difference in my health other than normalized liver functions that some of the herbs screwed with and my piss doesn't glow and smell like a multi vitamin anymore.

    There was the largest long term study done on fish oil supplements that was published I believe early this year. I will look for it. It basically said that omega 3 via supplements was worthless. However consuming it via eating fish it was enormously beneficial, they believe because it is more than just the omega 3. If you are eating a well balanced diet as everyone in here claims to do, they your body is getting all the vitamins and minerals you need. The only one that most do not get enough of is vitamin D. That is why they fortify milk with it. However as I do not consume Milk and only live half the year down in the sunshine, like most, taking it as a supplement is the only option.

    Trust me, before your next physical stop taking all the crap you are. Have your GP test your vitamin levels and for any mineral deficiency. I guarantee you will only possibly be deficient in D. All others will be in the normal range unless you eat like crap.

    Take a look at this. Has a link to the JAMA published study on fish oil but sums up my position. Trust me guys you will save a lot of money you are wasting.
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  10. LW64

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    Omega 3s are in eggs and grass fed meat. Vitamin K1 is in green leafy vegetables like kale; K2 is in eggs, beef, hard cheese, and butter from grass fed cows.

    Think grass fed steak and eggs.
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    Toolman is right. I am on TRT and the only thing that was super low was my Vitamin D. I now take 2000iu a day. So if you think the sun and drinking milk give you enough, you are sadly mistaken. It is worth getting it check when you do your next bloodwork.
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    Whats odd is when i was on trt my bit d was really low now having been taken off trt it has risen a lot.... Almost back to normal.... Wonder if test has something to do with vit d lowering at all?
  13. toolman

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    Grass fed is the only way to go. The corn lobby and agriculture subsidies make Corn king. That is why we are the only major cattle producer feeding our beef corn. Read "The Omnivores Dilemma" if you want to learn about food and what we eat and what we should eat.
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    Heres one study out of the hundreds. The media always seems to be out to get multis, fish oil, supps for general health etc. and there may or may not be deeper reasoning behind this. You will rarely if ever see pharmaceuticals be attacked on the media however theres always something circulating about how natural supps such as multis have "no benefit". Just dont believe everything you see on the news. With all that aside, I want to see ACTUAL STUDIES. Studies like the one I posted. No bull shit articles. Ready set go
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    MANWHORE Member

    When I do, I take:
    Fish Oil.. Carlson but there is another one someone mentioned on here that is good
    Fiber is a must.. Helps control cholesterol
    Liver Tablets by Ultimate Nutrition but that is for protein/aminos

    I only really been taking fiber right now.. on and off
    I got my girl on cinnamon because she eats sugar/icecream
    like her life depends on it..
    I do buy it for her though :)

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  17. toolman

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    Notice that this study included regular exercise and said it "could" positively influence. I eat salmon regularly but no longer take the daily supplements I used to like fish oil. There has been absolutely no change in my triglycerides or any other labs. They have always been low due to working out and not eating any grains or simple carbs.

    The problem is that vitamins and supplements are not regulated so they can make all these claims they want without any real scientific proof. That is why it is such a huge industry...people want to believe it. I stand by my original statement, if you are eating a well balanced diet, there is no need to supplement your mineral or vitamin intake with any additional pills. The only think I use other than D which I do not get from my food source is why protein isolate every morning and after every workout.
  18. toolman

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    What is your sup listing steel. A lot of the herbal crap guys take now can absolutely trigger panic attacks you have described.
  19. toolman

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    Reread the link to the Journal of American Medical Assc. See studies posted in other articles and you will see that even upping the dose, no clinical improvement was noticed.

    In Reply: Mr Lewis suggests that the dietary or supplemental intake and the source of omega-3 PUFAs are 2 factors that may not have been adequately addressed in our study. We included studies with different omega-3 doses and various proportions of EPA and DHA and performed a meta-regression analysis that did not show a statistically significant association between the cardiovascular outcomes and omega-3 dose.
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