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  1. Glad you remember 2015 @weighted chinup ;)--thats when it went down with the Tren around here and alot us went overboard with the cattle pellets (...Odie and his 100mg/ml tren :eek:)
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    Risk reward, id do with testosterone.

    IVe seen primo wreck lipids pretty good tbh. EQ has been quite chill on bloodmarkers too (from what I've seen in my near surrounding) but doesn't give as much results as testosterone would at an equal dose.
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    Yea, 2015 was my 2nd and last run. Ran test 400 and 750 tren I looked ridiculous and everyone immediately new I was in some serious shit.

    Since then test only cycles with a lil NPP here and there, Tren had me feeling like a lunatic and looking like a God.
  4. Goingstronger

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    The anabolic doc is a joke, reading condensed bro science from the worst forums.
    No real life experience whatsoever from any of his patients.

    Wanna hear a good doc talk anabolics go listen to Dr Rand McClain on JayCutlerTV
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  5. Blange89

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    Yeah I didn't know how I felt about that guy. Some stuff didn't quite make sense to me, but I'm no expert.
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    And the opposite is true as well, the body will compensate as RBCs accumulate by cutting back on production, this is why I never got into donating blood because at the end of the day I calculated I would roughly end up at the same place in terms of count. The body seeks homeostasis. I’m naturally near the top end of the range, if I run a cycle they will shoot up but then creep back down to the top of the range as my body adjusts. Despite seeking homeostasis, Of course if you overload the system one way or the other, and the body cannot compensate quickly enough, you’re in trouble.
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  7. kosp

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    I would stick to test no more than 750mg and Anavar for the fun, veins and pumps. No blast and cruise.

    If you really train hard and eat well consistently, you can look awesome with just that, and heart friendly.
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  8. Safety First

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    Does this prevent you from cycling?
  9. TestiCult

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    I feel that with all AAS usage, everything needs to be used in moderation. I have actually looked my best when I've ran lower dosages for longer periods of time. With trenbolone I've found that 200mgs enanthate for 10 weeks, coupled with 300mg Test Cyp, and maybe 40mgs/day Stanozolol (6 weeks) I looked my best and didnt feel like worn out shit. Anything over 300mgs tren A or E and you start feeling like a lab experiment. Tired all the time from elevated erythrocytes stealing all the O2 away from your tissues. prolactin messing with the nerves in your dick, either too hard and cant cum, or not hard at all. 200mgs of legit tren will definitely have an effect on it's own and be way more tolerable, IMO you dont need to go above 200mg... It is super potent and is one of those compounds where less = more.

    I remember bumping up to 600mg tren for 6 weeks and I didnt look any harder or get much stronger. What did happen was that I couldnt sleep past one hour, sweating increased exponentially, dick problems, and attitude went to shit... A common mistake with tren is to wait for sides and say "Oh it's kicking in now buddy!", when side effects are usually an indication of dosages being too high.

    I dunno, a smart man once said "Everything in moderation.." and I try to live by that. Following that ethos has seemed to dial back the scary side of my Anabolic hobby, at least for me personally.
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    Good read.
  11. socalmk6gti

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    Great post!
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  12. jJjburton

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    I also live by everything in moderaation. Or hope i will eventually. I yry.
  13. Cdnnuts

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    Ditto great thread in general so far and the moderation is some of the better advice out there Im an older guy at 45 that's relative but had a bad experience young with aas and didn't touch anything till after forty. Most guys would laugh at how little I generally run now but I'm still reaching goals and filling my sleeves do as little as you need to reach your personal goals and train hard and save yourself some grief later on in life u can always up dosages but if u start with high dosages maybe u will never find out what could of happened on half as much or a quarter as much
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    the title on this thread should be what is the least toxic to your heart. if you take enough to make you bigger and more muscular it not going to be healthy
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  15. Neewbiest guy

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    How bad is NPP at lower dosages though? Say 200mg a week?