Heavy periods on anavar?

Discussion in 'Women and Steroids' started by Dutch, Nov 11, 2018.

  1. Dutch

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    Hey guys, I my girlfriend started her first cycle of Anavar 7 weeks ago. After about two weeks she had her first period which she said was light but lasted about a week and a half. A couple days ago she began her period again and says it's very light.

    Were wondering if this is normal or should we be concerned if this is actually anavar. It did come from a source on here that seems to be very trusted and has been for a few years now. So any feedback and or advice would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Mac11wildcat

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    Wait, so they’re light not heavy as title says?

    First time on Var? I’ve had friends completely miss theirs for months on and after Anavar. The level of interference with the estrogen/progesterone cycles, i assume, would vary person to person like the responses to other drugs.
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    I meant heavy like frequency lol could've def worded that better. Everything we've read talks about no periods so the concern is she is now having her second one
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    Hope others chime in. I’d say no periods is the standard reaction, but that doesn’t mean everyone responds the same way. Has that been her only adverse reaction?
  5. Iron Vett

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    Anavar has given my wife the full range of periods. No periods, frequent light periods and even occasional heavy periods with no specific patterns of occurrence.
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    My wife reacted the same as @iron Vett’s.

    On primo she didn’t have a period at all
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    My girlfriend recently wrapped up her first var cycle. she ran about 12 weeks at 10mg daily. at 2 weeks first period basically normal.....6 weeks i think she said heavy but was done quicker....then 9 weeks came early and was lighter and quicker ....and now it looks like shes going to miss this one while her body reregulates. Hope this helps. At a guess i would say it is a good sign tjat she is still getting periods as her body is not being too drasticly affected.
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