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    imhotep Junior Member

    Hello Mr. Llewellyn. I have recently bought your Anabolics 2007, and it's an amazing book.
    I wanted to ask you several questions on the subject of helios.
    1.) How does helios compare with gh for site specific fat loss?
    2.) would helios work for someone with say 35% bodyfat or would one need to lower their
    bodyfat to like 20% or lower to achieve optimal results?
    3.) What are the best drugs to use with helios?

    Thanks in advance for your time, and keep up the good work!

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    w_llewellyn Member

    Appreciate the kind words. Thank you.

    I haven't an extremely high level of experience with HELIOS, but it does seem stronger than just GH injections. GH takes some time to really see results, HELIOS has been pretty fast in my limited observations. It should work for any body type, but like all spot reduction drugs, it is going to be most noticeable when overall bodyfat % is lower and you are targeting specifis stubborn areas.

    I probably wouldn't go nuts using additional stimulants - maybe HELIOS + GH if you gotta stack?? :)

    BTW - I am getting some really good questions here already so I am going to keep my answers somewhat brief. I'll expand with more info, research references, etc. in the regular column..

    Thanks guys!!

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