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Discussion in 'New Member Introduction' started by 4Figgy, Jan 9, 2020.

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    New guy here. 41 from the southeast US. Been a gym rat for years, and on TRT due to low levels for around 17 months now. TRT was literally life changing, and due to a busy doctor I have extra vials available. Just did my first baby cycle of 240mg/week of text cyp, and fell in love.

    Been lurking forums for a while, and this seemed to be a good place with some non BS people for the most part. Recently made a purchase of some ugl gear somewhat based off this site and some others. Hopefully that turns out well for me. I’ll continue to read up a bunch of the info here since there is a ton.

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    Welcome aboard. I’m sure you know, but don’t hope. Get bloodwork done.

    We are about the same age though I’m a bit north of you (and sometimes west).
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    Thanks. Definitely will get blood work done when I get around to trying out the test. I know where my levels are off my prescription so it should be an easy comparison. Didn’t spend enough to regret anything, and included some sildenafil for quick testing of legitimacy of the manufacturer.
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    I'm 43 and I live in Southeast myself. Glad to have you here.
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    Glad to be here. Seems to be a good group of people with the occasional village idiot.
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    A few village idiot's
  7. lots of village idiots.

    Meso is however a VERY direct place.
    Very little sugarcoating here.
    Take it all in stride, learn, contribute a s talk some shit!
    Good to have you
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    The very direct people is what I find enjoyable about this forum. I don’t want to hear a bunch of bullshit when it comes to gear, sources, cycles, and general knowledge. Appreciate the welcome.
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    Good to have you.
    Contribute, be honest and direct and all will be well.
    People here are incredibly knowledgeable and will always steer you towards better judgement if you ever have any concerns.
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  10. Sub :D:p
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    I see what you did there ;)
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