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    little about myself, I have been training for 15 years, I train for strength and size but have done quite some martial arts (Muay Thai and no gi BJJ) too. In 2016 I found out I had low test but now low enough for TRT, har researched AAS and decided to do science on my body, started with peptides. First cycle went well up until pct, later I managed that get Nebido prescribed and am now neck deep into this lifestyle. Currently on test prop 700 NPP 350, 3 weeks left of this cycle.

    I stumbled upon this forum looking for brewing info, am happy to see active members I can learn from. Like the threads my Dr scally on the effects on various systems/organs all gathered up in single threads. Haven't had time to explore all subforums but will do soon.

    Nice to meet you all!
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