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Discussion in 'New Member Introduction' started by BigVinny, May 18, 2016.

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    Hello everyone!

    I am new to this board though I am not new to lifting or AAS use. My first and only cycle a few years ago I did test prop 350mg/week and hit PRs on all my lifts, though the size did not stay on after cycling off. I actually think it may have been under-dosed.

    Some stuff about me: I work in the medical field, love personal health, nutrition and fitness. Have researched/experimented with supplements and nootropics for years so I feel I have a pretty solid understanding of basic physiology and pharmacological concepts as it pertains to steroids, hormones, neurotransmitters, and pct.

    I am actually looking for a legit source for Anavar and aromasin. There are a lot of fake sources and misinformation out there and I would like to contribute to a community that promotes integrity and safety. Anyone have any recent experiences with the source from pharmaconstore or basicstero? Will definitely appreciate any pointers in the right direction and would even be willing to do a log of my cycle!
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    Welcome and do some research in the underground on here and you will find what your looking for.
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    Welcome and spend some time just getting to know everyone.This board is the original o.G... j/k.But some great people here if you are true.
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    Good intro until this part....

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    May I ask why?
  6. Seven

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    Sayin you're lookin for a "legit source" on your intro post looks bad and kinda smells like bacon. This is not a source board.
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    So I take it he's not here to learn or to contribute to the community
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    Well he might, but I wouldn't share any recent experiences with sources I may or may not have used in someones intro....feels/sounds weird to me. Ya know??
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    I hear you
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    Understood. Though I wouldn't call it "bacon". Part of the reason I joined this board is because I believed it to be one of the more authentic and organized online communities among the sea of shady ones out there, one that is knowledgeable and conducive learning and sharing experiences and the right information. My friend recently bought some bunk Anavar from a popular source, and I almost did the same until I did more research. So yes, I am on the search for legit stuff and I'm not hiding it, but I totally understand where you're coming from and don't expect you to tell me. Anyway, I started a thread about anavar-only cycles on the steroid forum if you want to take a look and give your 2 cents.
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    Good reply, almost too good like bacon good. Lol

    Its best to spend some time in all threads and get to know people imo...a lot good people here. Everything you need to know is here. Good luck

    Ugh the var only cycle...