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    I've been lurking for years, but have been too lazy to join. I'm 31, have been an amateur athlete, and have lifted most of my life. I plateaued in terms of strength at 28 and have been steadily decreasing every year. My desire for lifting/training has substantially decreased every year and has coincided with my progressively lower T levels. Whereas I was once near the higher end of the range for testosterone, I've dipped closer to the lower end of the range. My doctor won't prescribe me test because he doesn't believe in TRT as being beneficial. My diet is impeccably clean in the sense that I consume mostly spinach, kale, and broccoli as a high percentage of my dietary intake, eat lean chicken and fish, and haven't eaten fast food in six years. I am desperate to change my life to get out of this funk I've been in for the last few years. I would love to get on a Test only cycle to see how I feel and would love recommendations on cycle length, dosage, and pct. I've done a fair bit of research and have a science background, but others' input is key
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    My question is how low is your T? Could it be possible that because you believe the lower levels are making you weaker that you actually become weaker, a placebo effect? What of libido is that also declining? I’m not against trt, on it myself but wish I hadn’t rushed into it. So I guess you can say I’m for trt if there’s no other choice. Make sure you’re not consuming too much phytoestrogens from soy or xenoestrogens from chemicals as those can disrupt endocrine function. Before you decide to use any hormones make sure you get everything tested, lh, fsh, T, E, free T, shbg, wouldn’t hurt to have prolactin tested but the others are more important. I made the mistake of starting trt without much knowledge and my dr only tested TT, FT SHBG & PSA
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    Thank you for your reply. I have complete blood tests done every month (free being in Canada). My TT and FT are extremely low, but every thing else seems to be within normal parameters.
  4. Good. Me personally I lived with T in the mid 100s for at least 3 years, but when I got it too the 200-300 level I actually felt better than I do on trt like twice I got priapism without taking ed meds and had crazy libido, but after awhile it dipped lower than it ever was at ~130 when I finally went on trt. Tbh knowing what I know now I would have waited to fully come off opioids, and made other changes like better diet and exercise, which I did but after starting trt.