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    Hey what's up guys, just checking in here got approved the other day.

    So a little about me, I am 23 years old, in decent shape but not jacked, never cycled before.

    My stats are about 185 pounds, 10-12% bf, 275 bench, 300 squat, 405 deadlift - But it is very difficult for me to maintain here or get past this level. I don't think it is necessarily my "natty limit" but I can tell you with my desk job lifestyle it's pretty much the best I can do. I also have pure shit genetics.

    Short term I'm looking to basically just get to a higher plateau where I feel I can comfortably and easily maintain at a slightly higher level than where I'm at - Hoping to get to about 200 pounds w slightly lower bf (8-10%) and get bench up to 315, squat 420, Deadlift 505

    Long term my goals are to maintain bf at 8-10%, reach 420 bench, 560 squat, 675 deadlift. The logic behind that is that I'd be repping 315 x 10 and maintaining strength ratios with the other key lifts. I am assuming I'd need to be a solid 215-225 at least to achieve this.

    Well let me know what you guys think, I'm certainly not dead set on anything and I'll be posting what my proposed first cycle will be in the cycle log forum.


    The muthafuckin ice king
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    How tall are you so we can better reference your height? I'll take a shot here and guess you're 5'10?
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    I am 5' 11.5"
    But if anybody asks I'm 6' ;)
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    Good stats and good goals. Read up on here and there's lots of good info
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    I appreciate that bro. Will do.
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    Welcome brother,

    Firstly, your body fat is more likely around 15-16% you have very little ab separation if any...

    If your going to begin to cycle, I recommend cutting first to 175 lbs naturally at least. You've got a long way to go to a lean 200lb frame. And I wish u the best. There is alot of valuable knoweldge on this board, and in research journals and steriod articles and profiles, read up. Do not be afraid to ask questions, but this is a board that is very tough and to survive it is nessasary to do a little research first. No spoon feeding is ever done on this board, and it's by far the best.

    Well good luck again, look foward to seeing you progress.
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    Bf was measured with one of those scales with an electronic sensor to be 11.7%. Idk what the margin of error is there but could be wrong no doubt.

    I have literally no desire to lose weight I'm already kinda lanky I'd look awful lol
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  8. Read moron. Can't even read, how you going to answer a question?
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    Why are you so hostile with @Evom1 he's someone you've never met, And on the internet.

    @EcpertRealistic you're the moron for acting like that.
  10. 15 pound short cycle centrated on strength gains, fat loss and hopefully a faster recovery of the hpta and natural testosterone levels.

    Here's an example of a cycle that will provide a little over 15 pounds with a diet high in protein.

    100mg test/week for 6 weeks
    25mg Anadrol for 5 weeks
    tren at 300 for 5 weeks

    There's your 15 SOLID fat less pounds. No need for aromatase inhibitors.

    Full pct a must
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    That's not a cycle that's putting 15 pounds of lean body mass on anyone in just 6 weeks.
  12. Yes it is
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    Thank you for the cycle advice guys - I am going to start a thread in the cycle log forum so let's move the convo there.

    I'm getting my first bloodwork done in the morning. Will post in this thread as well, soon as I get it.
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    Welcome @IceKing07
    Best advice is to do a lot of research on your own before you post up a cycle thread. You can get a good idea of what you should do from just searching and then the experienced members will help you adjust it.

    One thing you'll find out upon searching is how much of an idiot the one guy above is for suggesting tren on a first cycle at 23 years old... terrible advice
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    Disregard this guy @IceKing07, he's been trolling alot of threads and keeps telling everyone to do 100mg or 150mg of test. Unfortunately we get the trolls on here once in a while. That cycle absolutely would not put a solid 15lbs on someone

    You have a good attitude and there's lots of great guys here to learn from.
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    I actually sent him a PM, and I have a feeling this fellow is dead serious.

    I'm interested just to discuss with him why his against the usage of estrogen converting compounds, (test specifically) his preference for 19 nors, and why he is Keen on winstrol, or Anadrol as a primary anabolic...
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    Thanks for the advice guys. I definitely respect the fact I need to put in the work before proposing a cycle, and I'm confident I have a decent proposal. Will be putting that up on Cycle Log forum now.

    Quick update: Bloodwork was done this morning. Results will get sent to my doctor, then I'm assuming I get a copy. Have also identified lab test company for mid and post cycle bloods - costs $200! Lmk if there are cheaper options, but I'm gonna get it either way.
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  19. That is a terrible first cycle. First of all..100mg of test? Come on, I use double that for TRT and my blood panels are perfect all year round ( I do at least 4 panels yearly), and estrogen never goes over the high 20's. There is no problem with using higher test and having some aromatization. Using nolvadex with a little bit of aromasin rather than solely arimidex or Aromasin will keep his lipids nice and healthy whilst keeping estrogen under control.

    Secondly, tren and Anadrol on a first cycle? Really? He has no need to touch tren for years, and even as an experienced user I don't think its application is ever necessary outside of competition preps for about 6 weeks. Anadrol is also definitely not a beginner drug. I understand 25mg is a low dose, but I definitely think a TBOL or DBOL is more suitable for a young guy doing his first cycle; not everyone can handle Anadrol. But really, I don't think a beginner AAS user needs to put any hormone in his body aside from testosterone.

    350-500mg of testosterone (using an ester of your choice; I personally like cyp) would be a great starting point for a first cycle. If you are a good responder and using good gear, you should have no problem pulling 8-10x testosterone on your blood panel. that would put you at 2800-5000 depending on your dose, aromatization, and response; so 3-5x absolute peak natural levels. If your diet and training really are on point, that amount of testosterone should have no problem getting 10lbs of maintainable muscle on your frame, provided you PCT well. Your first cycle generally provides the most gains, and your body and androgen receptors are fresh and unmolested...you won't need much to see a lot.
  20. Using a 15% off coupon, you can get an uncapped testosterone panel + CMP, CBC, estrogen, LH + FSH, for about $65 from privatemdlabs.com. Don't pay $200.
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