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    Hey so currently I’m on cycle of test-e 600mg a week and tren a 50mg ed.

    My current routine is the dual-factor bodybuilding routine posted by @weighted chinup - I’ve seen some results with this routine so far but I really think my routine is making my results less than optimal- I have my diet down and sleep- I haven’t been getting great “pumps” with this routine and being on cycle it’s really frustrating.

    I just don’t think this program had enough volume per muscle group trained that day...when it’s laid out throughout the week it’s a ton of volume but in the workout itself, its lacking. Still a good program just not seeing results really.

    I’m looking for advice on a new training program...Bodybuilding focused. I’d say I’m more of an advanced lifter so throw whatever good programs you guys have at me.

    I’m 6’1” 203lbs about 11% bf right now.

    Thanks in advance!
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    Let's see your exact diet ,water intake and sodium intake. If those things are truly dialed in, you should be getting a pump no problem. Although often times these are over looked. I can do 1-2 sets of 6-8reps and have such a pump it feels like I can't move that muscle.
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    Meal 1
    1 Banana
    7 oz chicken
    200g brown rice
    260g baked beans

    Meal 2
    5oz chicken
    100g brown rice
    130g baked beans

    Meal 3
    5 oz chicken
    100g brown rice
    130g baked beans

    Meal 4 3 hours before workout
    5oz chicken
    200g brown rice
    260g baked beans

    Meal 5 30-40mins before workout
    1 banana
    2 scoops protein


    Meal 6
    2 scoops protein
    5oz chicken
    200g white rice
    260g baked beans

    This is what my meals look like..comes out around 3500 cals

    248g protein- usually this or a little over.
    460g carbs
    76g fat - this is usually lower and my carbs are up a bit more.

    Water intake isn’t tracked much but I’d say I prob drink about 5 33.8fl oz water I could prob up my water intake some.

    Sodium intake is high due to the beans being canned..other than that I cook everything else.
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    My suggestions are as follows: First thing I'd do is start salting all your food heavily. Opt for something other than beans in your pwo meal since the fiber isn't optimal for absorption.

    Can you swap some of that chicken for steak? And some of the brown rice for jasmine/white rice? That will help with the pump as well.

    Change your pre workout, that banana isn't going to do anything for a pump

    1.5scoops whey
    1cup Gerber baby rice cereal or cream of rice.
    Add salt here if you can

    Intra workout---1/2 scoop karbolyn + 1tsp salt
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  5. I've stated before that you will not get optimal pumps on that program as it is not the intended method of inducing hypertrophy (nor should pump chasing be on any program barring additional volume or accessory work or even a brief micro-cycle).

    This was reported by me and several others who have run the program. I think the important thing is that a lot of the people who were skeptical at first actually ended up enjoying it and my ultimate goal was that it allowed lifters to explore something different and walk away with further knowledge of their own body for future training endeavors.

    However, if you feel you are being inhibited from growing by the program, I would absolutely advise you to try something else because if you are not 100% confident in a program you will inherently sell yourself short and not attain optimal results.

    John Meadows has excellent pre-made programs for bodybuilders and they are worth every penny.
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    Thanks @Evom1 I’ll take your advice buddy and add more beef/steaks into my diet along with cream of rice prior to training.

    @weighted chinup I probably should’ve read the comments a bit further on the original thread.

    I appreciate you taking the time to clarify the pump situation for me as well as suggest new programs for me. I will continue this one- as I am seeing growth- maybe my idea for how much I should be gaining isn’t quite realistic. I will stick with it for awhile longer and see how things go as I’m just coming up on my second deload of the whole routine.

    As @Evom1 suggested -maybe I should look into fixing other things before even considering swapping programs.

    Thanks guys I honestly do appreciate the feedback..I was in doubt about the program -being its something very different for me- but hearing the suggestions has given me more confidence in the routine.
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    I've got a few Meadows programs if you are interested pm me. It's the least I can do in return for you posting those fine pics in the let's see your lady thread.
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    Lol no shit give the guy a program from me as well!
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    Dude pump doesn't equal growth. So stupid people believe this.

    Gains in size come from progressive overload and proper nutrition. If you stick the the program you are on you will be much happier.

    Personally I would like to see you eating a lot more protein and less carbs, essentially switching the two macros and having the carbs all around the workout. Also try and look up Scott Stevenson Peri workout nutrition parts 1,2&3 on elitefts. Great articles.
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