HELP!!! Can anyone create a fake- real looking cell bill? Just need 1 page

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Robfromga, Oct 30, 2018.

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    I have a feeling @MisterSuperGod is going to be saved in a lot of people's contacts after this lol.

    Am I the only that thinks it's funny his username is MSG in short?
  2. Damn brother, I hope everything works out for you!!
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  3. Now that’s how you handle this type shit; out of the box thinking !!
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    I agree with @The Terminator
    When a woman cheats it's not for sexual reasons typically its because her needs are not being met in a relationship. Currently women are responsible for over 75% of divorces.
    Do women physically cheat? Yes but they do it to get the attention that they want... they want to feel special and the way to get that is by fucking other men. Those men will then tell them how special and amazing they are. How incredible their bodies are even if they're not really etc. Women love the attention and are always emotionally attached to their Affair partner. They will spend hours and hours on the phone with their Affair partner it's just ridiculous. Men are typically not emotionally attached to their Affair partner, not at the beginning at least. They are simply there for the sex but are smart enough to give the female the attention that they need to continue with the sex. Been through all this already read dozens of books on it it's just fucked up but everyone has to go through it at some point. If you're dating women or getting married to them you will go through this at some point in your life so you better know what's going on.
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    More like save a manhoe!:cool::D
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    How is this fake phone bill gonna help you prove that you ain’t cheating. I don’t get it. Can you elaborate on this.
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    Fuck that, cheating is different for men than women. A guy can look at pussy as strictly physical, bust his rocks and go home, but a bitch....a bitch has to be emotionally fucked before she's physically fucked. She's letting a god damn stranger go inside her. When a dude does it , it's just a short term fix to go home and not lose his damn mind. Kids, period, wife being a bitch, etc.

    I don't give a fuck what ppl say, it's totally different for a woman to do it. In most cultures it's a given that the guy is gonna get some on the side. And with the way America is lately, I'd encourage you to hate fuck these dumb bitches!!!
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    Rockclimber is giving out useful information! I’m taking notes!
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    I'm curious how this shit plays out as well. @Robfromga Does your wife know and/or care about your aas usage? For your own sake I hope she isn't the type that would use that against you IF you do get busted. Pulling for you here but let this shit be a lesson lol.
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    Thanks. Yes she knows . Knows about brewing also. She's even run a var cycle 6-8 months ago .

    This evening/late afternoon has been better. It's still not 100% .
  12. It's to establish a timeline. i don't want to say too much more, but the idea is sound.
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    I like sound ideas
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    I've Ben watching this thread from start an have to admit msg is pretty awesome most the people I know in person wouldn't go through the effort to help do what he did its pretty dope gotta love meso
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    Use Wickr to talk, text, and send/receive pics from your affair partner. No phone record, no text record. Self deleting as well. Standard text messages and phone logs are traceable... and can be printed out at on a whim as you have just found out.
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    I was going to screen shot you some wickr pics but the app wont allow screen shots for security reasons. Another huge plus for wickr.
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    are you also cheating on your wife ?
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    No, I stopped cheating on women at the age of 23. Regret almost all the cheating I did to my girlfriends from age 15-23. I was a real piece of shit. Now with 2 boys at home I really have to keep my shit together and show them both how a man and husband behaves.
    I use wickr for drug (AAS) deals but if I was cheating I would 100% use wickr. It's crazy how some people still use regular old SMS text and phone data. Wickr is untraceable.
  19. You are the man, MSG!!! What a way to look out for your fellow bro! Fox hole buddy without a doubt!
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  20. Thank you, sir. Just happy to help a brother out.

    Speaking of which. @Robfromga if you need any more pages, i'm off tomorrow. Just send the numbers/times like you did last time and i'll whip that up for you, brother.
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