HELP!!! Can anyone create a fake- real looking cell bill? Just need 1 page

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Robfromga, Oct 31, 2018.

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    Anyone use Burner Phone and put a second number on your smartphone?
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    I use Goole Phone or whatever it’s called based on a recommendation from @picholas. Not to cheat, but because I ordered from an overseas pharmacy and they required a phone number and I don’t want my real phone blowing up.
  3. NorthMich

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    I see Burner and Hushed are popular apps for this.
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    Wickr, Google Phone, Text Now. The virtual world has made it so easy to cheat and live double lives that there is literally no reason to get caught by using your own phone.
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    I dont that work if you need a hand i do Personal training certificates for people on the dodge
  6. How about college certificates or accreditation that i could use to get a job that i'm not qualified for?

    i suppose they could just call the college... Saying i graduated with honors from MIT is probably a stretch.
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    What kind of certificate can u do this could be fun
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    Burner phone is the cats ass

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    Whats up big guy how you been? Hope all has been well. Good to see you around.

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    May Stewart Scott RIP:(
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    Never thought about that kind of shit but well..i also would be the guy after a certain time of successfully working at that job then, id rub it under the bosses nose..
    Look boss, i aint got shit from university but still did the work. Whos laughing now..
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    Lol, any employer will check your background. They don’t even care about seeing the actual certificate.
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  13. I have used both, sideline until they went to a paid service and TextNow for apps. If you want a prepaid burner then you gotta pay cash and not use any store club card. I’ve used them in the past to for hookers esp since le goes after the Johns. Would use them now if I ever wanted to bang a specific type of gal that’s challenging to get with on my own, like Asian milfs lol.
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    We're all good .
    Learning experience. To say the least. Things stopped before they totally started. I got away from myself and this gave me a good kick in the ass. Which I deserved.
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    Great news.
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    Yeah man . She's really golden. All women are weird in some way, but she's pretty bad ass. Knows all about my gear, brewing, let's me hunt during deer season, never bitches about man toys, has a great career, smoking hot, great in bed.... Fucking idiot I was being.
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  18. True, they also want to see that degree/transcripts. Not from you though, they either contact the schools Registar office or have you contact the registar office and have them mail it directly to the employer. Certified and sealed.

    Had a kid I used to work with that took a signing bonus and said he had his degree. Well.... when the transcripts came in they showed he was a few classes short at the time he accepted the position. Needless to say, they took the signing bonus back.
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    You gotta give mistersupergod something for saving your ass.
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    At least a friendly reach around.
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