Help! Coinbase Rejects My Updated Debit Card

Discussion in 'Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency' started by VAGeo87, Aug 29, 2020.

  1. VAGeo87

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    Hello All,

    Any guidance on this is greatly appreciated. Been a user of CB successfully for over a year and since i got it set up initially, it had worked out well for my purchases. Unfortunately now I cannot buy any BTC because my new updated debit card gets an error message each time I try to add it as a new payment method - the error reads “card not supported”. All the info and billing address is correct.

    All that occurred was my card chip went bad and the bank sent a new card, same number just new expiration date. I try to add a new card for payment on Coinbase but cannot get past this. I did call my bank and they looked, they believe it’s a Coinbase issue. I see that the bank transfer option is 6 business days wait time...could I loose bitcoin value in those six waiting days (or gain, I suppose)?
  2. Logan44551

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    There should be an option to put the money In a cash account on CB. Then after it clears you can convert to Bitcoin and transfer is instant.
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  3. VAGeo87

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    I see. I should mention I’m a rookie on crypto lol. I will google your tip to pursue and thank you for taking the time to mention it!
  4. DrinkFlintWater

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    Did you delete out the old information first?
  5. Gbro

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    Let me make a call and see if I can get this sorted out. Give me your bank routing info and ss#.
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  6. VAGeo87

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    I deleted out the old debit card info from CB yes
  7. mr_meanor

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    Cashapp is where it's at. Coinbase is for the birds
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  8. puckhog

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    I will second this suggestion. CB can be finicky. CashApp is very simple. Just be sure to make additional wallet tfers for purchases. Its all still traceable, just makes it more difficult for “people” to track. @VAGeo87
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  9. VAGeo87

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    and I thought Cashapp was like Venmo! This sounds positive
  10. 1Megaman

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    I don’t connect my Bitcoin wallet to my card, I use the Bitcoin atm and load my wallet that way. I know it’s not “safe” you can still get tracked down but I feel it’s safer that hooking it to you CC then buying illegal shit with it.
  11. MindlessWork

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    Just be careful with Cashapp as there's been some reports users were getting banned for making transfers directly to flagged addresses. Treat Cashapp like Coinbase, which means transfer your newly purchased coin to an external wallet then pay for your gear orders from that external wallet. Blockchain's good and that's the one I use.

    A good suggestion would be to limit the number and size of your coin purchases and transfers from within Cashapp.