Help!First time HGH, Omintrope or find generic?

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    Hey y’all,
    This will my first time running HGH. Been running AAS for the last 5 years, I’m 29 225 11-12%body fat. I planned on running pharmacy grade HGH for 6 months at 2ius a day. I’m running it through my 12 week pct then through another 12 week testosterone cycle. But damn that’s expensive, I see stuff like qtropin by roidsource for like 175$ for 110 ius or Ansomone from druggear for 300$ for 100ius. Where as the pharmacy grade is 550$ for 32ius. Is it worth getting pharmacy grAde? Would you just buy cheaper hgh and run more of it? I honestly don’t know any other generic but atropine and ansomone though. Thanks for input!
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    What is your goal with using GH?
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    As a maintenance and bridge. A few nagging injuries from my last cycle, I Look amazing but my body has been beat to hell from my football days. And I’m really starting to feel it. Also I’m vegan and trying to keep my weight/strength between cycles is a hard, real hard. My fat/carb intake is high, which leads to a bloated look offcycle, despite never getting up over 12% body fat.
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    2iu is a rather low dose is why I ask. You may not get very much out of it at that dose... Especially if your IGF levels are already in a healthy range.

    As far as pharma vs generic... The debate has raged on for a long time regarding which is better. Ultimately, you have to decide for yourself if it's worth it. I can tell you, tons of guys have gotten great results on generics. You should NOT have to use a higher dose of generic to match X amount of a pharma dose.

    I would also suggest you get your diet squared away. If you're getting weak, losing weight and looking/feeling bloated off cycle - some things need to be adjusted to make things more optimal. Doing this as a vegan isn't impossible, just disadvantageous. Look at your diet to see where you can optimize.

    Hope this helps.