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Discussion in 'Steroid Cycle Log' started by protonJava, Apr 8, 2018.

  1. protonJava

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    Hey everyone, 2nd cycle help. First was test, good stuff.
    Anywat, I was originally going to run test and deca at 400/300, respectively. I ran 350mg test e first cycle and it was retarded. Loved it. My goal is to use the smallest dose possible. however, I’m not sure if I’ll be able to run test/deca anymore, I think. I just found out I’ll have to travel for about a month starting in June.

    If I start test/deca today, would it be beneficial? I’ve heard it takes a long time.

    My alternate cycle is test e with dbol. I’ve read 25mgx4weeks is ideal for dbol as a beginner.
    Do you guys think test/deca could be successful in the time I have?
    The goal is mass and strength. Mass. Mmmmmmass. Thanks evryone
  2. legendary

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    If you wanna do like a 8 week blast try npp and test prop. Or go test prop/mast prop. Go with a short ester. And maybe kick start with dbol
  3. protonJava

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    I don’t thibk I’ll be able to acquire npp in proper time. Should I just go with test/ dbol?
  4. jaymaximus

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    Why don't you just wait to do a proper cycle? June is only 7 weeks away, even if you do cycle would you be able to train during your travelling?
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  5. protonJava

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    Yes, I would be able to train during traveling.
  6. legendary

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    But can u bring gear? Might be best to wait
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  7. protonJava

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    I could sneak pct pills in an Advil bottle. But nothing more.
    At least I’m not willing to sneak anything else on the airport
  8. Rockclimber

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    Do the dbol and test cycle. Do pct when you are traveling for work. An 8-week test cycle with 4 weeks of dbol at the beginning is pretty standard stuff.
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  9. protonJava

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    What’s a beginner dose for dbol? Is 25 too much? Should I break the pill into halves and take 12.5mg?
  10. Gain Train

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    Wait to run the cycle later. Because the choice is either; half-assed cycle with poor training and i'm sure poor diet while traveling..... or the better option, wait until after traveling and have all the gear with no compromises in training or diet. For the time being, hone in your knowledge on training and diet, plan those two variants out meticulously for when the cycle and then when the gear is introduced all will be bang on.

    As for your cycle, if you're wanting to run "minimum effective dosages" then you're already missing the mark. If your first cycle totaled at only 350mg of gear per week, why make such a large jump to 700mg (400test/300deca) of total gear per week?
    With a jump like that you are missing out on the improvements you could've made with less.

    My suggestion:
    Test 350mg per week

    Why only 350mg? no need to push it. if you enjoyed 350mg as much as you claim then it should be just as good the second time. Attempt to replicate improvements through hard work and diet rather than pushing dosages. I use the same total amount of gear every cycle and still make improvements. More gear is never necessary. Once you've maxed out the results you can make with 350mg, only then I would suggest bumping up the dosage. Good luck, Let us know what you decide.
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  11. protonJava

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    I’ll do 350mg/week again when I get back. My first cycle was years ago, so I thibk it’ll be like that again! Thanks man.
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