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Discussion in 'Steroid Lab Testing' started by Texas.Redneck, Mar 25, 2018.

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    Just wanted someone with more experience at interpreting labs to tell me if they think I should even bother taking some aromasin at 12.5mg Eod.

    38 year old male
    BF% 10-15%

    Lab results:
    December 2016 I got labs on week 5 of a 400mg Cyp per week cycle. The lab results showed my Estrodial at 41 and said males range from 11-44. So my 41 was within range without AI and I had no high estro symptoms.

    Current cycle:
    So now in March 2018 I'm doing a cycle of 500mg Cyp per week (I upped the ante 100mg per week from last year). I'm at the end of my third week. I've got this Aromasin and the thought crossed my mind about maybe just taking two doses a week. I just don't know if (1) totally unnecessary and wasteful based on my labs or (2) I need to be careful since I did up my dosage 100mg since the last cycle when I had labs done.

    How I have felt so far:
    Around the end of week 1 (or beginning of week 2) I did start to feel some itchy nips and a little emotional for like maybe a day or two. I do believe it was legit itchy nipple not just in my head as I’ve been paranoid before. However, I didn't flip out with the newbie paranoia and start popping AI pills and totally crash my estrogen (been there done that and crashing estrogen is not fun). I just relaxed, gave it a few days, let all the hormones settle into my system, and I seem to feel fine now (no itchy nips or emotional I'm working out 5 days a week and seem to be at peak performance (as expected all systems go at about 3-5 weeks into a long ester cycle). I put on 5-7lbs of water weight right away but I expected that and don't mind it.

    So AI low dose or not? I figured lets say on 500mg my estradiol levels rose to the 50s that it couldnt hurt to cut them to the 30s. I’m just going by the 11-44 range my lab said was normal males
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    You should just save yourself from guessing and get bloodwork done.
  3. Gbro

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    First cycle you had labs and there were no issues. Second cycle you have no labs and want to guess. See the problem here?
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    Thanks. That was helpful.
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    I don’t see the problem here. Can you spell it out for me? I had mid cycle labs done 12 months ago. I haven’t done a cycle since. Now i’m doing the exact same thing I only increased dosage from 400 to 500. All other variables exactly the same.
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    Get midcycle labs again.