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Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by 350lift, Sep 14, 2019.

  1. 350lift

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    I’m sick of fuckin chocolate vanilla sweet blah blah fuckin protein shakes. I can’t take it

    I wanted to get u flavored and mix it with lemonade now I’m hearing That’s a bad bad idea:

    How the FUCK can I make a protein shake with juice. Orange juice cranberry juice I don’t give a fuck juice.

    Save my life.
  2. socalmk6gti

    socalmk6gti Member

    Why do you want to add juice? What's wrong with water?
  3. 350lift

    350lift Member

    Water would be even better but there ain’t a protein on the planet that u can mix with water and have it taste like water
  4. IncorrectName

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    Perhaps try flavorless protein and mix it with juice. Could be a bit bitter, but could work out.
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  5. AlwaysHungry

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    Eggwhites mix it with whatever y like
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  6. 350lift

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    I just bought a blender ima try some frozen fruit with unflavored and milk that should help I hope
  7. 350lift

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    Fuck forgot about this

    Good idea
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  8. socalmk6gti

    socalmk6gti Member

    Why do u want it flavorless? I'm confused on what you're trying to accomplish....
  9. Uglyrichie

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    Being a smart ass here but have you ever heard suck it up buttercup
  10. Uglyrichie

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    Coffee and flavored creamer
  11. socalmk6gti

    socalmk6gti Member

    I just drink the egg whites straight. The Costco cartons are 50g protein each and easy to chug down. Just make sure they're cold and shake well before drinking. More protein than any powder is going to provide
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  12. AlwaysHungry

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    Also better protein source if y ask me easily digestible I always have stomach issues with whey. Eggwhites blended oats water/low fat milk banana penaut butter and some cocoa powder boom you have quality gainer. Eggwhites/pineapple juice boom post workout shake coupled with some ius of slin. No need to spend money on crap powders.
  13. Test_Subject

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    Cooking eggs increases the bioavailability of their protein.

    Eating them raw is counterproductive. You're much better off making a giant omlette.
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  14. socalmk6gti

    socalmk6gti Member

    Any research data to support this? I've never heard such a thing, in fact I've heard more arguments to the contrary. The only benefit I could see to cooking is increasing TEF due to body having to break down a solid instead of using an already broken down liquid. Both sources contain a complete animal protein
  15. Test_Subject

    Test_Subject Member

    Roughly 51% availability for raw vs. 91% for cooked.

    Rocky had it all wrong.
  16. xTyson

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    Not what I was expecting when I opened this thread lol.. good luck with that
  17. johntt44

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    Yep. Better absorption if cooked.
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  18. Monstar

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    Found this out years ago. Sure would be easier if it wasn't true but seems locked in via all sources.
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  19. maxmuscle01

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    I get the clear isopure powder unflavored and these sometimes. The unflavored clear powder you can even mix w coffee. Pretty easy to mix w spoon. IMG_3057.JPG Max
  20. socalmk6gti

    socalmk6gti Member

    We found that the NPU (net protein utilization)or EW (egg whites) was approximately 97%, irrespective of the heating. Furthermore, the NPU for EW was significantly higher than that for milk whey protein (90%). This result was comparable to previously reported values [10, 18].

    Heating Has No Effect on the Net Protein Utilisation from Egg Whites in Rats

    Now I need to read up on the difference between net protein utilization versus availability.

    I have to thank you for sending me down this rabbit hole lol