Help me not die

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  1. Ophydian

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    Coffee, banana, protein, sweeten creamer for taste.
  2. waterbottle

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    If you drink uncooked egg whites, you will lose some of the protein. In addition to that, if you’re drinking a large amount of egg whites for a long period of time, you run the risk of biotin deficiency.

    Egg whites have something called avidin in them. Avidin binds strongly to biotin in your body, so if you’re consuming a lot of it, for an extended period of time, you may experience biotin deficiency, which has some side effects that do not sound very fun at all.

    When you cook the egg whites it breaks down the avidin so this doesn’t happen. Just something to think about for anyone who drinks egg white regularly
  3. Hugh J Sachs

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    Vanilla whey
    SPinach\ mixed baby greens
    Peanut butter
    Crushed iced
  4. testiFy

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    How about actually eating real food?
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    Thats big Truth !
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    Just gonna try using a blender for once and add fruit
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    Myprotein has a new selection of “clear whey” that supposedly is exactly what you are looking for.

    It’s expensive though
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  8. Turbo charged

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    Raw egg whites will be a trip to the hospital sooner or later.
  9. 350lift

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    I just got frozen fruit and a blender. Problem solved

    No more mixing it with a knife and no fruit
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    A carton a day for over 7+ years and not a single issue. Kirkland 99.9% pasteurized egg whites FTW
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  11. Goingstronger

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    Only foods I ever got food poisoning from were cooked.

    I have been having 3 raw eggs + raw milk in the morning for 2+ years, never had a single issue.
    I also sometimes eat my steak raw, never a problem.
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    When I get tired of those sweet protein flavors I just get unflavored protein.

    IMO whey protein tastes a lot better with milk.

    ITALYAAS Junior Member

    Just drop the whey and use EAA instead, whey are obsolete in 2019.
  14. Uglyrichie

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    Didn't Bruce Lee foo raw egg smoothie also wasn't he kinda the pioneer for that
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  15. Artifex

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    Do same thing mostly unflavored protein and EAA with naturally flavored
  16. jJjburton

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    Myo protein has a clear protein powder. Lemonade flavor
  17. Logan44551

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    If there pasteurized I thought it was the same availability?
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  18. Believe supplements had some unflavored protein where u actually buy the flavor separately they have tons. Been wanting to try they’re supposed to be a super good brand. But just buy the protein which is flavorless
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    Mam i wish i could just slam back egg whites, i puke all over the place like the exorcist, seriously makes me chuck