Help me with clenbuterol please

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by Marc dave, Jul 1, 2016.

  1. Marc dave

    Marc dave Junior Member

    Hey champs!

    Ive revently decided i will start taking clenbuterol for fat loss that have been stubborn all my life

    Im 22 yrs old , 5"11 , 211 pounds
    On ablut 20% bf

    Ill combine clen with lifting+ cardio 6 days a week

    My diet as i read will be low carb high protein ( ill increase my carbs a little just for lifting purposes)

    My cycle will be 2 weeks on , 2 off


    Ill not exceed 160 micrograms at all

    And plus 5g of taurine daily, and plenty of water

    Just to be sure will i see great results from using? And am i on the right track and everything im doing is right or not?

    Please help

    Thanks a lot
  2. NovaFlex

    NovaFlex Member

    If you make it past 100mcg of clen I'll be impressed. I personally can't take more than 80mcg without feeling like Michael J Fox with a heart condition....

    Also, @ 20% bf, all u really need is to lift more and eat less shit.
  3. Marc dave

    Marc dave Junior Member

    Yaa ive been lifting like 3-4 years but maan i love food! Lol

    But im willing to follow a perfect diet

    And as youre taking clen, have it worked for you? And how much?
  4. Michael7

    Michael7 Member

    160mcg is a very high dose , what brand is the clen ?
  5. Marc dave

    Marc dave Junior Member

  6. Taylor_on

    Taylor_on Junior Member

    I think you should decrease your dosage in your cycle, around 60-100 mcg/ed.
    2 weeks on , 2 off is pretty good.
  7. Marc dave

    Marc dave Junior Member

    I havent started yet, but will definitely take your point

    What fo you think !? Will it magically show results first two weeks as written all over websites
  8. NovaFlex

    NovaFlex Member

    clen is a thermogenic. It raises your core temp along with your heart rate, etc. It works (the brand you take determines its strength obviously).. you're going to sweat your ass off by just moving. People usually couple it with t3 to get the fat burning effect + the added 'super thyroid' bonus of t3. However, like I said, you should be more than able to hit 10% without it, if you're disciplined... I have about 6 months worth of cycles of both and I find they aren't needed.